From: Jamie Pryer [jamie_at_givemetickets_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 29 April 2008 14:16
Subject: - Signup today!



I've been doing some research over the last few months and I have reason to believe that you or your venue run events, which you need to sell tickets for.

So, I would like to introduce you to a self-service e-ticketing website, which we have just setup called and I was hoping that we can help you promote and sell more tickets for these events you run!


It's free to register, so why not do it now and see what you think: really helps promoters get their events out to more people and give them the option to sell tickets 24/7, to anyone, anywhere AT NO COST! We cut out the middle man and the pain of having to sell tickets via shops.


Why would you want to wait until a shop opens, for you to start making money, which is restricted to the people who can actually get to these shops too?! With you can now you're your event tickets online IMMEDIATLY, which is SO much easier for everyone, you and your customers!


I've listed some key points at the end of this email which I hope are of interest to you, as a promoter, such as:

 I hope you like the sound of and how it offers you the ability to maximise the exposure for your events and make it easier for your customers to pay for tickets.

Please drop me a mail back if your interest and think this will benefit you, or just sign up today:
We run a VIP management service for people who run multiple events, so let me know if this is you!

Thanks for your time; we look forward to working with you.



Jamie Pryer

London and South East Regional Coordinator

Email: Jamie_at_GiveMeTickets_dot_co_dot_uk



Fully Automated Sales Administration
Access your account and manage your ticket sales 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection). Our fully-featured administration console allows you to set up and run events with live sales statistics and a wide range of event and ticket options available.
Event Sales Revenue Goes Directly to You
Unlike some other providers of e-Ticketing services, we don't keep your money until after an event has taken place. By registering with Paypal for a free merchant account, while we track the sales and customers for your event, the money received goes directly to your account.
Costs You Nothing to Use
Although we charge a small commission fee of 50p per ticket sold, when you add a new event to the website, you have the option to offset both our commission fee, and the standard Paypal charges by adding a booking fee to your tickets.
Make it Easy for Your Customers
Maximise the reach of your event by increasing the accessibility and convenience of tickets for purchase. In the same way that you have 24-hour access to manage your events, you can also be selling tickets day and night without any involvement by you, nor the restrictions of conventional opening hours.
Remove the Logistical Hassle and Cost Associated With Paper Tickets
By replacing conventional paper tickets with e-Ticket that are delivered via email, you can forget about many of the associated expenses and hassle. With, there are no fees to pay your resellers and no costs associated with the printing and production of tickets. Tickets no longer have to be sent by post, and with all your ticket sales in one place, tracking your sales becomes a lot simpler.
Benefit From Our Web Traffic is not only a sales portal but also acts as an events listing website. Through our high quality search engine optimisation and other customers searching the site, your events' exposure will be maximised.
Environmentally Friendly
Using is better for the environment than conventional ticketing. Customers don't have to travel to pick tickets up and paper tickets don't need to be printed. Our website is also carbon neutral thanks to carbon offsetting.