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Lesley is _at_ < lgunn_at_sightsavers_dot_org >

my thanks to Mike  from Acoustic Astronauts for pointing this out.
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Subject: SEFAN 2008-05_07_02 CALL OUT - barndance in Haywards Heath Friday July 25th

I emailed back to try to find out a bit more about this gig. Lesley's answers are interspersed below.
Please respond to Lesley direct. Ta.
luv 1d x

On 6 May 2008, at 17:25, Lesley Gunn wrote:

Do you do private functions and if so how much do you charge? If you donít can you recommend a band in the Haywards Heath area. We are holding our summer party outdoors on Friday 25th July and the theme is a "barn dance".

With many thanks and kind regards 

Lesley Gunn 
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Hi Lesley

thanks for your enquiry

Meltdown is, however, the organiser of the dances at Clair Hall only, and not able to directly book you a band and Caller.

BUT, with my South East Folk Arts Network hat on - i'm sure we will be able to help! 
(SEFAN is a charity organisation, not an agency, so no charge).

  - many thanks 

I will bulletin your enquiry out to the membership of the network but first could you tell me a little more about the event?

1. You say 'barn dance' - are you hoping for a specific style ie. English or American or does it not matter? 
(knowing this will save you being contacted by Irish/Scottish ceilidh bands if you particularly wanted a hoe-down or an English feel).

 I dont know the difference and if it really matters, but hoe down is what I think everyone is thinking of.

(personally -  I don't think it's going to matter at all - providing you can call a couple of "american" dances and cope with check shirts if they turn out ... go for it!
But you could always discuss this further with Lesley).

2. timing - is this daytime (with lots of families present) or an evening event. 

Barbecue starts at 14.00 and goes on to 18.00. Partners and children are invited. About 80 employees and families. 

other questions that will come your way...

Will the band be under cover? Will there be a stage for them? 

No and No 

Is there to be a dance floor laid, or are your guests to dance on grass?  

As its outdoors - what electricity provision is there or is the band asked to provide their own (generator)? 

Our IT department will arrange electricity supply to the band 

You/your venue will have the necessary Public Entertainments Licence - or a Temporary Events notice if not. 

What is this and where do I get a temporary events notice from? 

I'll respond to this one direct . 1d x

When I get a reply to the first question at least, I'll Bulletin your enquiry out and ask interested bands to get in touch direct.
If they don't have any demo's up online ask for a demo tape or where you can see them perform.

all the best

Penny Allen
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Meltdown English Ceilidhs - Secretary

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