From: TAPS [info_at_tradarts_dot_org]
Sent: 24 April 2008 16:29
Subject: TAPS Turned Off
After nearly 19 years, TAPS is closing its doors. The withdrawal of essential funding has meant that we can no longer sustain the operation of the organisation. From 25 April 2008 the work that TAPS began and developed will continue in the further work of those who have guided it.


The board and staff would like to thank all who have made the work of TAPS possible: clients, partners, funders, audiences and workshop participants … and the scores of musicians, dancers and other artists who have contributed their time and skills to make it possible for us to push the barriers, take the risks and ask the difficult questions in our quest to make taking part in traditional music and dance in England something which is accessible, creative and intercultural.


That quest is not over…


Boka Halat, under the partnership of Musa Mboob and Roger Watson, will continue to be available for festivals, concerts, ceilidhs rural touring and a full education programme: - roger_at_bokahalat_dot_co_dot_uk


Singing and songwriting, music and composition, dance and choreography projects, based on a creative view of English traditions, will continue to be led by Roger Watson: - roger_at_rogerwatson_dot_co_dot_uk


Drum Runners Trading, a partnership of Paul Midgley and Jason Knight, will continue to lead work in Immigration Removal Centres, community music projects and the newly launched, inter-genre Collision Course project: - info_at_drumrunners_dot_org.


We hope to see you in the future.





NB: Please note that there are no staff now employed by TAPS and no one in the office will be available to deal with enquiries.  Telephone messages, emails and post will accordingly not be monitored.  Please therefore contact the Official Receiver when one is appointed for all enquiries relating to the administration of TAPS.  It is most likely that TAPS’ liquidation will be dealt with by the Official Receiver’s office at 2nd Floor, Kings Wharf, 20-30 Kings Road, Reading RG1 3ET (Tel: 0118 958 1931).



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