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Newsletter For May 27 2008

Volume 3  Issue 11 (re-issue)

Good morning...


We hope you had a safe and happy holiday weekend with loads of fun for all... even if you couldn't afford to drive anywhere due to the rising gas prices. 


We're resend this issue of the newsletter due to the following additional news:


We ask you to check out today's LATEST NEWS on the magazine website to find out about how the Nashville city government is misusing Eminent Domain to take the property of a Music Row executive and give it to big business for development, and to voice your opinion to the Nashville Metropolitan Housing and Development Agency (contact info located in the story under Latest News).


That said, I want to inform you that MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE IS FOR SALE.  That's right.  I am wanting to sell the magazine.  I have reached a point in my life and have some personal things going on which require that I concentrate on them and make them a priority.  I will NOT be shutting down the magazine but want to transfer it to someone who has the heart and drive to keep it going and make it even better.  I will also provide photography services to whoever buys the magazine if they want them.  In the meantime, the magazine will keep running as it has been.


If you are making a serious inquiry about purchasing MNN, please send your e-mail to buymnn_at_musicnewsnashville_dot_com.  All serious / legitimate inquiries will receive responses.


We have a lot of new things for you this week.  New articles, new photos, new contest listings and so much more.


AND - We have a winner to announce for the Brooks & Dunn prize package giveaway.  The winner is:


Angela Liden - Porsgrunn, Norway (Wow... nice to know we have readers overseas!)  Angela receives the Music News Nashville newsletter and signed up.  We had a total of 17, 434 entries into the contest.  Thanks to all who entered and watch for more special contests coming up.


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