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Subject: Cellar Upstairs January - June 2008
I've heard from one person in this address list that she didn't receive the programme for the Cellar Upstairs for January - June 2008 when I sent it out at the end of December. In case that means that none of you in this part of the alphabet received it, I'm sending it again; I'm sorry if you have got it and this is a duplication.
All the best 
Sheila Miller (club organiser)

12 JAN: ROBB JOHNSON (energetic singing and guitar-playing from writer of Rosa's Lovely Daughters, The Herald of Free Enterprise and many other songs)
19 JAN: BALLAD EVENING: PETA WEBB, KEN HALL, GAIL WILLIAMS, JIM YOUNGER, BOB WAKELING, SUE WILLIAMS AND FRANKIE CLEEVE (a night of Child ballads and other traditional story-songs from our fine singers)
26 JAN: ROY BAILEY (ever-popular singer of songs of the personal and the political)
2 FEB: SEAN MONE (comic and tragic songs from County Armagh singer, who wrote Trimble's Pimple, Lovers and Friends, Jack and Rosalita, Willie McCrea, etc)
9 FEB*: CHRIS WOOD (fine singer, fiddler and guitarist and Folk Awards winner)
16 FEB: ANDREW FRANK AND MICHAEL HEBBERT (welcome reunion of duo, fine tenor and virtuoso concertina player; music hall, 30s and 40s and other songs)
23 FEB: BESKYDY (seven-piece band, made up of fine musicians and lovely singer, with rousing dance music and lyrical songs from all over eastern Europe)
1 MAR: KATE LISSAUER (old-timey songs authentically and sensitively performed by American singer and fiddler)
8 MAR: ROGER WILSON ( talented singer-fiddler-guitarist with traditional songs and a few more recent ones, including some of his own)
15 MAR: PHIL CALLERY (long-awaited visit of Dublin singer, the central tenor voice of the much-missed Voice Squad, with traditional and other Irish songs)
22-29 MAR: closed for Easter
5 APRIL: JANET RUSSELL (Scots feminist singer of traditional Scottish songs and others written by herself and others - serious and comic, political and not)
12 APRIL: LEON ROSSELSON (UK's greatest songwriter? Makes you laugh, cry and think)
19 APRIL: TOM PALEY: 80 YEARS + 1 MONTH (belated birthday celebration for legendary American singer, guitarist and banjo player - and he will be playing those. Tom is probably the only person in London to have played with Woody Guthrie and known Leadbelly)
26 APRIL*: FRASER SISTERS (Jo Freya and Fi Fraser, of the Old Swan Band, Token Women and many other groups, with songs and tunes on fiddle, saxophone and voices)
3 MAY: THE OTHER BAND (Marilyn Bennett, Irish Bishop and Gary Holder, from Sussex; traditional and contemporary songs on various instruments)
10 MAY: MICK RYAN AND PAUL DOWNES (new duo, two great performers, singer formerly with Crows and musician from Downes and Beer and the Arizona Smoke Review)
17 MAY: KATHLEEN O'SULLIVAN, KAREN RYAN and PETE QUINN (three of the London Lasses [sic] with Irish songs and tunes on fiddle, whistle and keyboard)
24 MAY: closed
31 MAY: RAY FISHER; support SAM LEE (return of great Scots singer and wit, after long illness; ballads, lyrical and comic songs; support from fine young English singer)
7 JUNE: BRIAN PETERS (mainly traditional songs well sung with various instruments)
14 JUN**: MARTIN CARTHY (no more need be said) (7 for members, 8 for non-members and 1 off for unwaged people tonight)

VENUE: Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, London NW1 2HR (on the corner of Cobourg Street, near Euston and Euston Square stations; parking is easy), on Saturdays at 8.15pm
INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700; (PUB: 020 7387 5440)
ENTRANCE: Members: 5, non-members: 6 (unwaged 1 less) except on nights marked , when it will be 6 and 7 (** higher price). Membership: 2 for the year
ACCESS: The club room is up a short staircase.
RESIDENT PERFORMERS: Peta Webb, Ken Hall, Gail Williams, Jim Younger, Bob Wakeling, Sue Williams, Frankie Cleeve

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