From: Sheila Miller [sheilamiller55_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 09 May 2008 17:03
Subject: Cellar Upstairs club: programme change
Unfortunately, Ray Fisher, who was due to appear at the club on 31st May, has decided she is not after all well enough yet to do gigs (she has been seriously ill). Fortunately, however, Moira Craig, a fine singer of Scots traditional and other songs, usually seen these days as part of three-woman harmony group Craig Morgan Robson, has agreed to do the night instead.
The rest of the season is as before (see below).
All the best
Sheila Miller (club organiser)

10 MAY: MICK RYAN AND PAUL DOWNES (new duo, two great performers, singer formerly with Crows and musician from Downes and Beer and the Arizona Smoke Review)
17 MAY: KATHLEEN O'SULLIVAN, KAREN RYAN and PETE QUINN (three of the London Lasses [sic] with Irish songs and tunes on fiddle, whistle and keyboard)
24 MAY: closed
31 MAY: MOIRA CRAIG; support SAM LEE (fine Scots singer of traditional and contemporary songs - ballads, lyrical and comic songs - most often these days seen as part of Craig Morgan Robson; support from fine young English singer)
7 JUNE: BRIAN PETERS (mainly traditional songs well sung with various instruments)
14 JUN**: MARTIN CARTHY (no more need be said) (£7 for members, £8 for non-members tonight) (£1 off those prices for unwaged people )

After that, we're closed until 7th September.

VENUE: Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, London NW1 2HR (on the corner of Cobourg Street, near Euston and Euston Square stations; parking is easy), on Saturdays at 8.15pm
INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700; (PUB: 020 7387 5440)
ENTRANCE: Members: £5, non-members: £6 (unwaged £1 less) except on nights marked *, when it will be £6 and £7 (** higher price). Membership: £2 for the year
ACCESS: The club room is up a short staircase.
RESIDENT PERFORMERS: Peta Webb, Ken Hall, Gail Williams, Jim Younger, Bob Wakeling, Sue Williams, Frankie Cleeve

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