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Subject: SEFAN 2008-05-08_02 CALL OUT - JOGGLEBERRY in Brighton looks for Folk
Dear Network Folk

I have been contacted by Bill Smith of the Joogleberry Playhouse in Brighton concerning a
couple of fantastic opportunities.

Opportunity 1.

1. They've had some sell-out nights for Folk (eg. Rachael Unthank, the Coppers)
and would like to have a WEEKLY Folk Night of headliner acts (not Folk Club / open mic styles)
How cool is that!

Bill is looking for someone to programme / promote. (without financial risk, I believe).

This could either be downstairs or upstairs (both hold about 90) - thinking maybe "Folk on Friday"??
input/ideas from 1d - not actually discussed with Bill ...
you will need to be aware of programing/nights for The Greys/ The Komedia/The Eclipse/ Brighton Acoustic in the city plus
Acoustic Sussex/Royal Oak Lewes. Where else?

Also might there be mileage in considering doing slightly different genres of Traditional Music on the various nights in the month??
(This might, of course, mean liaising with others who know more about particular 'scenes' eg Twisted Folk / Blues+ American/ World/Irish etc.


Opportunity 2.

Bill would also like someone to write a WEEKLY Folk column for the Features section of Brighton mag. 'Latest Homes' with a distribution
of over 10,000.
< >

Please RING Bill to discuss any/all of this.
07834 222 342

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