From: richard_at_bottleneckblues_dot_com
Sent: 05 May 2008 20:58
Subject: Bottleneck Blues Club
Hello All,

Thank you very much for your attendance at the Matt Schofield Trio gig.  What a performance Matt and the boys gave - nothing held back, great audience connection, 'impossible' playing - they just get better and better!

Due to an element of very late cancellations and no-shows, particularly as I had declined a long standing member a late booking for a table for 8, I am considering, either, taking advance deposits, or, putting ticket sales out to a handling agency - which will effectively put 1 on the ticket price.  Let me know how you feel about this, bearing in mind that to maintain quality we need to maintain real sales.  Any other suggestions would be most welcome.

A negative aspect to what was otherwise a fantastic evening was the using by someone of dud 20 notes, one of which I landed up with and two over the bar!  I'm sure that this must have been an 'outsider', however, I will, of course, be checking these notes in future with my newly acquired super-duper note checker!

So we move inexorably on, barely being able to draw breath, to the next exciting installment of the Bottleneck Blues Club.  The March gig saw Big Pete and the Backbones play host to a guest who drew such a reaction there and by follow up email, that I have to say that the May 27 gig is truly "by popular demand" and is:

West Weston's Bluesonics.

Need I say more, this purveyor of fine Chicago Style Blues is a club favourite - so please let me have your bookings by email ASAP.

All the best and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday May 27 at the Roffen Suite, Rochester.

Richard Dobney

Bottleneck Blues Club
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