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Hello everyone and an extra hello to the new people from last Friday. Phil and the boys were great weren't they! Reg and Tom had completely different styles but they all gelled really well together. Not bad considering that was the first time they'd performed all together. At this moment I believe Mick is hard at work scribbling a review so watch this space (or the website reviews page). Oh and if you want to you can leave comments of your own on the guestbook, its always great to know what you thought about the gigs and any ideas for improvement welcomed. I'm interested to know what you thought of the seating layout in the barn this time. I think its nicer in some ways - more upclose and intimate, but maybe a little cramped. For those who've just joined, we usually do it end on, using the stage, but we did have it sideways for Show of Hands 5 years ago and Seth Lakeman back in 2005 (...sigh... he promised he'd come back.... )
There was a slight kerfuffle with ticket reservations etc, no real problem - all seats were full on the night, but in future It would be best if everyone could pay in advance to reserve their seat, so that we're not left with empty seats if people forget they've booked. Sorry about the lack of sweeties - I did buy some but forgot to put them out - we're enjoying them now though. Reg took some pics of the audience at the end, you can see them on his myspace page see if you can spot yourself.
Martin Simpson - 15th June, CCISC
Still tickets left for Martins gig with Andy Cutting at the Cathedral ISC, though they are selling daily at the moment. Only three weeks to go until this special concert. I won't write loads of persuasive stuff here saying how special these musicians are, and why you should come and see them - just click on these links to read what others have said..... /biography_andycutting.php There are some good pics of Martin and friends, including Andy, at Cambridge Folk Festival last year. An American guy who is staying over in the UK for a while bought two tickets last week - he's been a fan of Martins for 10 years and this will be his first opportunity to see him - how exciting is that! - I'm excited for him, I love stories like that. email me to reserve... £14 or £12 concs

Stop press... Tomorrow... (Sunday 25th May) check out for details of two fantastic events - In the afternoon - Cajon dancing in Littlebourne and in the evening - Truckstop Honeymoon / Dealers concert in Sandwich. Discount ticket price if you go to both!
Coming up Selling Music Festival 7th and 8th June .... Folk, dance, Indie and world music - something for everyone.
I was at the Marlowe on Tuesday, snuck in to see CATS, yes I know its not strictly folk but..... I confess to being a closet Sir ALW fan, don't hold it against me. Anyway - I glanced down at the counter and there was Mr Colvin grinning back up at me from the front of a Goodnestone - Concert in the Park flyer so I thought I'd better remind you of that event as well, seeing how time is flying by and it'll be midsummers day before we know it. It's a great lineup, not just ColvinQuarmby but Waterhorse, Hullabaloo and Rubber Biscuit - Saturday 21st June.
Right, off to prepare the curry for our annual Eurovision party... (completely blown all credibility now) :o(
See you soon


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