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Subject: SEFAN 2008-11-01_01 Rooting around. Two questions / GLEANINGS from Vic smith
1. Barndancing / Ceilidh in Kent?
2. Residential music (aka Halsway Manor and IoW)
3. GLEANINGS from Vic Smith's news

1. this enquiry in from Mike Hartes
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Subject: Redwing Barndance Band

Can you tell me if you are doing any public barn dances in Kent in the near future? I have a group of friends who love barn dances, but finding out where the public ones are is hard!
Heather Robertson

I've passed on the usual trawl through Webfeet / / but have certainly found a dearth of information about Barn/Ceilidh dance in Kent.

Anyone know a good source of information?
Could any bands doing public dances in Kent in the next two months let me know where and when - so that I can pass this information along  AND get them listed
on the What's On webpage. Thanks.


Had a telephone call yesterday from a gent looking for residential music making around the Sussex area. He said that  Halsway Manor and IoW are getting
too far - so maybe quite elderly. i can't find anything (Sore Fingers in the Cotswolds / Burwash Bash in Cambridge). Does ANYONE know anywhere down south?
EFDSS passed them on to me - so that route would appear to be closed!
Anybody know anything?

3. GLEANED from Vic Smith's folk news.

A local musician has been left devastated by the loss of his beloved vintage guitar. The incident occurred on Friday (24th October) around midnight after Sussex band, The Fold, had just completed a performance at The Con Club in the High Street, Lewes. The incident was captured on CCTV and clearly shows three young males entering the premises and taking the guitar. The police have been informed and are following up on this matter.
The guitar, a 70´s Gibson SG Standard, is left handed which makes it useful to only a minority of players. "The left handed guitar fraternity is a close knit group and any instrument that comes on the market is going to be spotted instantly" says Jon Wood, the musician whose guitar has been taken. "I guess these were opportunist thieves but they’ve ended up with a highly specialised item".
Jon has owned the guitar for over 10 years and the band are going into the recording studio this month to record their latest album. "I don’t know what I’ll do without my guitar for the recording sessions, this is devastating for me". 
A reward of £100 is offered for information leading to the safe return of the guitar. Please email lewesguitartheft_at_yahoo_dot_com if you have any information.
If anyone knows of the whereabouts of the guitar, please email lewesguitartheft_at_yahoo_dot_com . For further information, please see


Pete Heywood, editor of the excellent national folk music magazine The Living Tradition, contacts with news of the current issue:-


We are experimenting with ways to make more material from the Living Tradition available for casual readers and to extend features for our subscribers.  AS A TEST we have put the whole of the current issue online.  You can read it, print out parts of it, and you can forward the links and invite friends to see it. 
 If you are a subscriber, please visit the online version and give us any feedback.  If you haven’t seen the magazine recently, we hope that it will tempt you to subscribe.  Please pass this link on to any of your contacts who you think may be interested.  Please also encourage them to register for our free email newsletter so that we can keep them in touch with developments.  (Register via the Newsletter option on our website )
If you would like to read this 68-page magazine (“A fascinating read – and it’s FREE” – Vic Smith) go to


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