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     These are extraordinary times. Sometimes you just wish you could escape from it all. Well, you CAN'T! But you don't have to think about it EVERY MINUTE! Take a break from worry, close that browser, shut down your computer, put your Blueberry in a drawer, try a little "Music Therapy".
Music Therapy is "the use of music and music related activities to modify ineffective learning patterns, to promote emotional, mental, social and physical growth and to develop non-musical goals." ( It's actually an established healthcare profession, REALLY!  "Music therapy interventions" can promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, enhance memory- wow, it's practically like a patent medicine, too good to be true! And you don't need a prescription- get up, turn on your radio or your stereo, take a break, you'll be glad you did.
OK, it won't change the world, but you'll feel better, and when you come back online, extend the positive benefits with a visit to efolkMusic. Our filtered roster of exceptional musicians and their music is like a breath of fresh air- good AND good for you.

More Therapeutic Activities: 
WEFM Radio

NEW!! WEFM Radio Station!!! Just revamped, totally free, high-quality music stream with nothin' but the "mighty fine" -- Listen now!

MP3s Get Music Instantly- 10,000 MP3s, DRM-free, available on Digital Albums and singles by the track -- Browse "Download Central" -- New Digital Albums
CDs CDs- Yes, Mabel, we still hold an extensive stock of great indie folk music on good old Compact Disc, fast shipping! -- Browse New Additions
Join! Support this nonprofit, get a butt-load of music for as little as $4.95 a month! Almost 2000 "Members Only" MP3s, yours for the downloading. Annual members get great premiums, like our lightweight "ChicoBag" nylon tote, plus discounts, much more -- Join or learn more HERE!
New and Notable- MP3s, Digital Albums, CDs:
Arrogance Arrogance: A digital re-issue from a legendary Chapel Hill band, their second album "Prolepsis"- Don Dixon, Robert Kirkland, Marty Stout, Steve Herbert, recorded at Reflections, this is the genesis of southern rock, a most influential group --  Digital Album
AC Bushnell We send you off-site for this one, a great FREE TRACK from fine old-time fiddler AC Bushnell and cohort Jon Seskevich. It's slightly political- "Obama Kirtan", suitable for incessant singing through November 4
Touchstone Touchstone: Jealousy was the second a final album from this seminal Celtic band- Triona NiDhomnaill, Claudine Langille, Mark Roberts, Zan McLeod, now available as a Digital Album, DRM-free 256kbps MP3 -- more info, previews
Del Del McCoury: A new "Best of..." CD from one of the best bluegrass bands that ever was, is now, and ever shall be. This one from the GrooveGrass factory sides recorded in 1998, everybody who's anybody is on this platter -- more info
Blue Sky Boys Blue Sky Boys: Sunny Side of Life -- Eight tracks culled from their 1962 Starday recordings, including "Nine Pound Hammer," "Black Mountain Blues," "The Longest Train I Ever Saw," more.
Ralph Ralph Stanley -- Old-Time Pickin': A Clawhammer Banjo Collection --18-song collection representing most of the clawhammer songs he's recorded for Rebel, including nine previously unreleased tracks -- more info
Artist Services:
EPK Want to get your electronic press kit in front of 300 influential music resources? For just $49.00 we'll send a targeted promotional email to a select group of music presenters, producers, folk radio hosts, festivals and web-zines- with our personal recommendation- and invite them to hear your music, see your video, and learn about you at a specially designed multi-media web page. This is the new "green" way to make yourself known to important music business folks all over the planet . Write for details >>
CD We send your CD to Folk Radio stations around the US for peanuts!!! We have up-to-the-minute contact information in our database on over 400 public radio stations and djs that have regular folk music shows, and we can send your CD to some or all of these stations. Our starter package will send your CD to 50 stations blanketing the US for just $200
As always, we are looking for exceptional artists for our "filtered" roster- we offer free artist services for approved artists, including website presence and promotion, plus complete secure e-commerce capability, with full browser-controlled administration and rel-time reports --more info

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