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The Ceilidh Club has a host of ceilidhs this autumn and winter to keep your heart rate pounding and a smile upon your face. Details of the St. Andrew's night bash and Burns are all below.  We are moving into our busiest season so please do not delay in getting your tickets.  You can book here .
Cecil Sharp House Dates:    24 Oct (new) 31 October, 6 November (singles), 14 Nov, 28 Nov (St. Andrew's), 5 Dec, 19 Dec. 9 Jan, 16 Jan, 13 Feb, 20 Feb, 27 Feb


All these dates are at Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London NW1 7AY.
Hammersmith Town Hall, Kings Street, W6 9JU - 17 Oct, 7 Nov, 29 Nov (St. Andrew's), 12 Dec, 23 Jan (Burns), 24 Jan (Burns), 30 Jan (Burns), 31 Jan (Burns) 14 Feb (Valentines)
More dates to be added.
*Get All Set for more fun on the dance floor. Check out for an easy way to polish your technique and expand your repertoire.
*Best selling author and Ceilidh Club supporter Guy Browning has just published Maps of My Life.  It has received 5 stars on Amazon and lovely reviews in the major media. It's a perfect gift for Christmas and you can see it on Amazon here
*The Ceilidh Club is perfect for birthdays, Christmas parties, a wedding practice or just having a great laugh on a Friday night. If you have any feedback about the club please contact feedback_at_ceilidhclub_dot_com . We welcome all comments and promise not to be offended. We are constantly looking to improve the club experience.
*We love sending you these notices but we realise that circumstances change, so if you would like to stop receiving them then please send an e-mail to unsubscribe_at_ceilidhclub_dot_com
What is the Ceilidh Club? It's a place where you can get a wee bit of Scotland in London. Established in 1998 it has grown from a handful of friends and family into something bigger with ceilidhs every couple of weeks.
What's a ceilidh and how do you pronounce it?  A ceilidh ('kay-lee') is the Gaelic word for gathering.  If anyone can remember the days before the internet, multichannel TV, mobis, DVDs, laptops, bluetooth, wireless and the rest, the main form of interaction between people was dancing, singing, music, poems and storytelling.  The Ceilidh Club tries to recreate this.
Don't you just do dancing?  Mostly we do, but through publishing ventures and online presence we try to span the other aspects as well.  Also we are always looking for new acts, either to play at the Ceilidh Club or to be included on our performers and contacts page. If you want more info please contact ed_at_ceilidhclub_dot_com
Do I need to know the steps? No. There is a caller who will talk you through the moves. It's fun, hot and exhilarating. It's great for absolute beginners or experts.
What sort of people go?  All sorts: Scottish and all the nationalities under the sun. We are delighted so many people from so many different countries want to come along. Although most people are 22-49 the Ceilidh attracts people from all age groups, from babes in prams to great grandmothers. It's about attitude not age.
How much are tickets?  They are usually 12.50 and 6. Singles' Ceilidhs cost 14.50. Burns Night tickets will cost 20 / 10 concession (you need to have proof of concession).  The price includes complimentary haggis, neeps and tatties, piping in of the haggis and the address to the haggis.  
Should I book in advance? Yes. The ceilidhs are now very popular and some sell out. If you are coming in a group or are arriving late or just want peace of mind then we advise booking in advance. You can find more info on booking here  There's a 10% booking fee when you buy online and your name and ticket allocation will be on the door.
Where is it held?  Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London NW1 7AY and Hammersmith Town Hall, King's Street. We are constantly looking for new venues and if you know of anywhere with a big dance-floor then let us know.
Do you have tickets on the door? Yes, there are always some tickets for sale on the door for our regular nights.  They go on sale at 7:15 on a first come first served basis.  Concession tickets are only available on the door. You also get 1 off the full door price if you wear a significant amount of tartan. If we have any unsold tickets for the Singles' Ceilidhs these will be for sale on the door. Check with ed_at_ceilidhclub_dot_com for more info.
What should I wear? Something comfy as you're going to get hot. Ladies - you may find an ankle strap on your shoe comes in handy.
What is the schedule for the night? Doors open at 7:15. Dancing starts at 8 and finishes at 11. There's a cloakroom, a well priced bar and often a raffle.
I hear you support art and publish books as well. Yes we try to cover other media, you can find out more by checking out
If you have any further questions please contact ed_at_ceilidhclub_dot_com

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