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  • A presentation by Shirley Collins and Pip Barnes on the songs of the rural labouring people of Sussex. October 17th. Lewes
  • A Ceilidh, with live band. October 18th. Brighton.
  • A workshop on early and traditional dance � places for dancers still available � closing date Oct 12th
  • Two concerts to open our main programme of events: For the opening concert on Oct 24th, "Meet the Neighbours", the highly versatile St George's Church in Brighton's Kemptown will undergo a makeover converting it to a pub style setting to host what will be a 'super session', where musicians arriving from Ireland and Wales will join more locally based Scots and English players. There will be 3 harpists - from Wales, Ireland and England, fiddlers from Scotland and Wales, songs in Irish and Welsh from 2 of the foremost singers of their countries,� and the amazing Welsh crwth � a sort of bowed or plucked lyre that dates back at least a thousand years.
  • This is followed on October 26th, in the same venue, by "Wandering Fiddlers" � a concert bringing together Celtic fiddling, by Irish musician Gerry O'Connor, and baroque violin music from Italy, played by the young star Elizabeth Wallfisch � with Celtic and baroque harps thrown in.

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