From: jason robbins [tofutastic_at_hotmail_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 25 October 2008 09:17
Subject: SHARRON KRAUS last night....
Hi people!
Well, what can i say? About 100 people visited us over the course of the evening last night at ORANGE STREET MUSIC CLUB in Canterbury, and I think everyone will agree, it was a very special night!
The first act, NAOMI BROWTON from Herne Bay, amazed us all, with a short, but multi instrumental set-guitar, voice, drum, and piano..and of course, her stunning voice! Naomi has very limited experience of public performance, but I think whoever was there early enough to see her play was suitably impressed, a virtuoso musician of her standard will no doubt become a regular on the local live music scene.
Next up was LUCY KITT-Lucy has played locally many times, and I'm ashamed to say, I had yet to see her perform-but, what a set! Anyone who knows Lucy's work will agree, that she has an a amazing voice, and song writing ability-and covering all genres from americana,  to folk, to slide Lucy!
Ok, on to SHARRON KRAUS. I first became aware of Sharron, through seeing her perform at CAFE OTO in London (a harder to find venue you cannot imagine, but worth all the struggle!). I will admit that my main reason for attending the gig was to see headliner MEG BAIRD, an amazing singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, with just one lovely solo album under her belt (DEAR COMPANION), but it was her work with the band ESPERS, that had drawn me to the gig-ESPERS create a magical sound, versed in English folk rock, but with a beating  psychedelic heart..I cannot recommend them enough! But it was Sharron's set, both solo and with Meg that really blew us away...we even missed the last train home, and had to stay in a hotel, but I still maintain, it was worth it!
SHARRON KRAUS'S work inhabits a strange dark other reality, quiet, considered, but hypnotic-she has been compared to ANNE BRIGGS/SHIRLEY COLLINS vocally, and I think, a must  for fans of that eccentric English pagan folk sound ..Im thinking COMUS/CURRENT 93/SPIROGYRA/early GENESIS/JUNE TABOR/PENTANGLE etc..-you cant quite put your finger on where it starts, or where it ends, but its there! Anyhow, a quite wonderful and magical set-thank you Sharron!
So, a great evening! Possible downside? The audience noise whilst Sharron performed...ORANGE STREET MUSIC CLUB is a wonderful venue, and obviously, the vast majority of the audience where there to see Sharron, but I felt it was slightly overshadowed by background noise....maybe I'm being to precious, as everyone else (including Sharron!), thought it was okay...but nevertheless, next time, I may put someone like Sharron at a more intimate venue. Feedback from anyone on this issue of course much appreciated!
Ok, so onto the next gig- THE OWL SERVICE on November 8th. An amazing band who played to a rapturous audience at the GREEN MAN festival this year, (featuring ALISON O'DONNELL from MELLOW CANDLE)-I am never ashamed to admit when a gig moves me to tears, but this one did! An extraordinary outfit of musicians who sit comfortably in there own time capsule, where THE WICKER MAN is on TV every night, and nobody picks an apple without asking the tree first.... you wont be disappointed!
So, to finish-THANK YOU!!!! With your support, young bands and solo artists can find a home amongst their friends..
so, with much love, goodbye for now, from the TWISTED FOLK.
PS -please, forward to your friends all outbursts from us, and send me us email addresses from others that may also wish to spend some time with us!

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