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No sooner did we send out our copy date alerts last week than everybody, us included, vanished into snow and ice oblivion! Here's hoping that you, like us, are now thawing out a bit. In view of all the disruption everybody has been suffering, we've extended the deadline by a few days.

Issue 321 of the most influential roots, world music & folk magazine

BOOK NOW if you didn't already do so (an email to ads_at_frootsmag_dot_com is best, or call (+44) (0)20 8340 9651). Last date for receipt of all digital artwork - email to copy_at_frootsmag_dot_com -  is extended to MONDAY 18TH JANUARY.

Publication date is 18th February. Subscribers will start to receive theirs from around 13th February.

*  On the cover, celebrating their burgeoning success, bigger band and smaller name, those sisters of spooky folk The Unthanks. Plus a whole issue full of other worldwide folk & roots delights.
*  This is a great time for record labels and distributors to start promoting important new year releases.
*  Local and international festivals are finalising their plans for 2010. It's the last chance to bring artists and their achievements to the attention of event organisers, and vice versa.
*  For festivals, it's now time to start promoting your 2010 events. It's looking like another busy year, with the UK and mainland Europe's folk and world music festivals more attractive than ever to audiences seeking fun alternatives to expensive holidays further afield.


We launched a full digital edition of fRoots last July as an economic subscription alternative and it has been drawing interest and subscribers from all over the world. See a full free-view demo version of a digital back issue via our web site front page .

* All adverts that appear in the print edition of fRoots are carried in identical form in the digital edition AT NO EXTRA COST, including working web links on all adverts of 1/4 page size and above

for rates & discounts, sizes, technical specs, stats etc.

See for secure subscribing on line.

And remember:

* We have maximum 28 percent crossover readership with any other music magazine. With fRoots you really do reach the long-term committed folk, roots and world music audience and opinion-formers that no other magazine gets to.

* Don't think of fRoots as a purely UK magazine. We take you around the world - 40 percent of our readership is outside the UK. And this worldwide readership - who buy on average more than 50 CDs each a year! - is incredibly internet-wise: you don't need UK or international export distribution in order to sell to them.


We list information on March 2010 events in the news section of this issue. We need it by Thursday 21st January latest. Send your full press release to news_at_frootsmag_dot_com  If you have hi-res (300ppi) colour JPEGs of artists participating, send them to copy_at_frootsmag_dot_com


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