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Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter Ariel Publicity Band Letter

March 03, 2010


Newsletter #134

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  1. Where’s Ariel?
  2. Come Follow the Music Success In Nine Weeks Blogging Contest!
  4. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED VIDEO - "Girl Like Me" by Katia
  6. NEW MEDIA PIONEER: Scott Preston of Cincy Groove Magazine and Cincy Groove Live Podcast

Where's Ariel? - In Canada Of Course!

March 4-7 – ECMAs – Cape Breton Canada

March 10 – 14 – Canadian Music Week

Come Join the Contest To Have Dinner With Me and Jay Frank _at_ CMW
Read all about it and Join in!

March 14- 20 – SXSW

Come Follow the Music Success In Nine Weeks Blogging Contest!

Over 30 artists have taken me up on my offer to read and blog their way through my book. I am humbled and delighted by the experience and touched at how my book has been affecting their careers.

To find links to all participants and full contest details click here:

Cheer them on by leaving feedback on their blogs! Also feel free to spread the word on your site as well!

Demimonde Slumber Party

Moss Bluff

Icky's Ego


Vitamin – D – Brooklyn, NY
Alternative Pop

Vitamin-D offers fetching soundscapes and musical nuances based around vibraphonettes, tremolo guitars, and looping trumpets. Dennis Cronin, the trumpet-wielding composer at the center of Brooklyn’s Vitamin-D, prefers musical nuances to oversized statements. Among others, Cronin and his trumpet have collaborated with alternative darlings Lambchop and Vic Chesnutt and performed with Yo La Tengo and Camera Obscura.



"Girl Like Me" by Katia
Pop, Rock, SingerSongwriter

New York-based singer-songwriter Katia has a pop music style as unique as her background. She is a classically trained pianist who remains one of the youngest vocal soloists ever to perform with the Russian Philharmonic. Songs like her debut single "Girl Like Me" reveal her classical melodicism within a pure pop context, in which her lyrics about the "day-to-day stuff that girls go through" are nailed by her beautiful but insistent singing voice.


Featured Blog:
Writer C.W. Ross's Blog

This blog combines C.W. Ross' three previous blogs (see below) into a one stop shop for information, commentary, interviews and reviews for a wide variety of Indie and Christian music.
Indie Music Stop-
The CD Reviewer-
Christian Rockers Online-


Featured Podcast:
The TheDean! Show

The TheDean! Show is a weekly podcast, recorded by TheDean! with guest host Thaddeus Penguin and produced by Logiconor. It reviews the week's pro-wrestling, as well as movies, music and games from time to time, and there are regular segments such as: Mussolini Corner (makes fun of Muss.), TheDean! Sings( in which TheDean! must, without preparation, add lyrics about a specific subject to an instrumental track), The Smiting List (wherein someone is 'smitten' with a giant LAZOR) and lots more.

Featured Station:
Middletown Station

Middletown station is a live streaming radio station and podcast based in the Netherlands airing every Sunday.

NEW MEDIA PIONEER: Scott Preston of Cincy Groove Magazine and Cincy Groove Live Podcast

Q) Tell us a little bit about your blog. What inspired you to start it?

A) I have always had a strong interest in music ever since my first concert I attended back when I was 16.  I bought the domain name for the site back in 2005, knowing that I wanted to start my own site someday.  I knew there were things about running a music magazine web site that I didn't know, so I did some photo and review work for various music magazine websites to learn what to do and what not to do.  I ended up wanting to go shoot a lot more shows than I could get credentials for, so I decided to take more control over my own career.  Since I had been a concert photographer since 2000 I had built up a lot of contacts.  So when I started the website it made it a lot easier for me to get interviews, press passes to shows etc...
Q) Why do you believe new media resources (i.e. blogs, podcasts, internet radio stations) have become so popular? How have they been beneficial to artists? How have they been detrimental?

A) I think blogs, podcasts, and Internet radio stations are so popular because anyone can start their own blog or record their own podcast.  It gives the band from a small town in Nebraska the same ability for exposure as a more popular band say in Chicago.  Once something is posted it has the potential to be viewed by anyone in the world.  Just 20 years ago only artists such as U2, Madonna, or Metallica had the ability to reach that many people.  That's the beneficial part.  The detrimental part is the fact there is too much out there for your senses to comprehend.  But overall I think these new media sources are a very good thing.  With anything new there are growing pains.
Q) Media 2.0 has changed the way artists communicate with fans. Where do you envision online communication going next? Any thoughts on what Media “3.0 will look like?

A) I often think about what is going to happen next.  It may sound silly, but I can see people putting on some sort of helmet where you will be in a virtual holographic environment where you can talk with someone face to face.  Something even more exciting would to be able to virtually attend a concert in the same fashion.  I have no idea how that would work, but it sounds like something that could become reality.
Q) What does an artist have to do to get your attention? Are their specific characteristics that you look for?

A) Really to get my attention, sending less is better than sending a lot of info.  When I get physical press kits, a cd, a one page bio, and a photo is really all that is needed.  I tend not to look at press kits with 20 pages of reviews etc..  I get so many at times I don't have time to look at all that stuff.  When I get emails from artists, just telling me a little about the band along with a link to their website or myspace page is enough.  I am open to all genres of music, whether you are in a bluegrass, blues, or heavy metal band.
Q) What do you ultimately hope to accomplish with your blog?

A) Ultimately I hope I can help some artists gain some exposure while having fun at the same time.  I like working with local bands here in Cincinnati just as much as doing an interview with a national artist.  By working with national and regional artists I hope I'll be able to help as many local artists as I can, no matter where they are from.

Podcast Info - I have titled my podcasts, "Cincy Groove Live".  I try to record audio from every concert I go to.  So each Sunday I plan to feature 3-4 songs from a concert I attended in a podcast.


Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, a digital public relations firm that connects clients to the new media including blogs, podcasts, Internet radio stations and social networking sites. Over the past 13 years she has represented over 1,435 musicians and bands.

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