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Subject: House Concert hub monthly update and artist of the month.
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A message to all members of The House Concert European Hub (& Acoustic Music Club Network)


Firstly can I welcome the raft of new members we have here at The House Concert Hub this month, Ive been verifying 5 to 10 new members every day for a week now, a few of them have hosted and/or are interested in hosting, We still need more hosts, but there never could be enough. As ever let me know if you would like to host and I'll help you get started and show you how this site can be used to help, then together we can attempt to galvanise your local members here behind your efforts, IE If you pop your counties name in the (not to reliant) search engine here you'd be surprise how many names will pop up, all of whom ide would be open to contributing to a new local house concert.


As ever I see the onus is on our artist members, if they could all invite their Euro mailing list to join here and we then together can try find those that will host a concert for them.  Every House Concert that is established is a regular place to play for that artist and an other convert to hosting for the community as a whole. You will notice that there are a list of touring artists advertising availability in notes.


All featured members are Hosts, however I'm introducing "A featured artist of the month" Selection will depend on a few criteria.


 Page design & look, News , Music, Events, and general on site activity.  - I want to encourage members to post their profile photos, choose their page designs, drag and drop their page modules to where their site looks banging and artists to post new music, news and events ( all of which will be continue to considered for a front page feature ) , The better your site looks the longer visitors will stay on the hub listening to members music and pondering the house concert concept, the more shows will happen the more people will go, and the more concerts we'll all have to enjoy.


This months featured artists is Laurent Leemans, singer and guitarist of the Belgian acoustic folk-rock band CEILë MOSS ( ), He has released his first solo album this week: "Laurent Leemans & the Imaginary Friends Ensemble" offers 11 pieces of acoustic, minimalist singer-songwritership. Discover more from his hub site and the album is available to purchase at

Note that in the meantime, Ceil Moss is working on there fourth album, which should be released in the spring of 2010.


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