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Newsletter For March 1, 2010

Volume 5  Issue 9


Good morning...


Did you go to CRS and have fun?  Hope so... Dan missed it this year due to his medical issues, but his weekend was made brighter when someone he hasn't seen in a year called and said they missed seeing him and wondered where he was.  It's always nice to know you're being thought of, and thank you Kim.


Dan's thought for the day... If you don't have a smile, just ask someone who does and I'm sure they'd be willing to share.


Are you a singer, songwriter, artist or band with an upcoming gig anywhere in North America?  We are posting gigs on our SHOWCASES AND EVENTS page (under the EVENTS button on the magazine website) and would love to promote you.  Please check out the page for the formats used and send us the information at least one week in advance.


This week, we have more new articles, CD reviews and more.  What is the cost to Artists and Songwriters when bad data is reported (or not reported)?  Who's Josh Thompson and why are people talking about him?  Find out on the LATEST ARTICLES page.  The answers are at Music News Nashville.


Would you like an autographed picture or CD from Aaron Tippin?  How about Phil Vassar?  Love & Theft?  Get them by clicking on the COOL STUFF graphic on the front page at Music News Nashville.


There are five days left for you to purchase concert photos Dan has taken over the years.  If you want to get a photo of your favorite artist to have on hand for the CMA Music Festival in June, CLICK HERE


While you're surfing the net, please visit Dan's Facebook "Fan Page."  Dan's reached his 5000 FB friends limit and now has a "fan" page.  He'd love for you to sign up and stay in contact... Just CLICK HERE to visit it.


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All the best...



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