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Subject: SEFAN 2010-03-04_01 CALL OUTS: 2 in SUSSEX. / 1 for Morris in LONDON

In From: Valmai Goodyear
Date: 4 March 2010 06:45:38 GMT
Subject: Fwd: Request for a Fiddler (Henfield)

Dear Everyone,
Are there any fiddlers out there who'd like to take part in an amateur dramatics production about how the villagers of Eyam, having discovered that the plague had reached the village, sealed it off and wouldn't let anyone in or out until it had run its course? Most of them died, but they managed to stop it spreading. It's a powerful story but I don't know anything about the play.
There is a dance scene which needs a fiddler. If you're interested, please contact Jill Hewer direct (01273 844208, dandjmhewer_at_tiscali_dot_co_dot_uk  She asked me to forward her enquiry.
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Thank you so much for doing this for me.

The play is ‘The Roses of Eyam’ by Don ~Taylor directed by Angela Reid for Henfield Theatre Company ( an amateur group with a good reputation)

The true story of when the plague arrived in a Derbyshire village in 1666.

Production dates 7 – 10th July plus two dress rehearsals – probably the 5 and 6th July.

It will be performed in St. Peter’s church and churchyard at Henfield.

It will entail playing for a country dance fairly near the beginning of the play.  The fiddler will be in costume (supplied).

Expenses will be paid.

Very many thanks

Jill Hewer



In From: Jane Downes
Date: 4 March 2010 08:23:54 GMT
Subject: Fw: Advice needed!

Hi, there,
My name is Tina and I have been asked to organise a Reunion at Ashburnham Place near Battle, Sussex on Friday 24th/Sat 25th September 2010.
This is for a Family History group who research the Sussex surname RELF.
Yep, I know it sounds boring, but please read on................
I would love to have some old Sussex folk songs/music at one of the events I`m planning, preferably with `real people` performing.
Would you consider doing a 45 minute singsong with instruments for us?
Or, if not , would you be able to recommend a group who could give us a flavour of times past in the Sussex Weald....?
It could be after a hog-roast on the evening of Friday 24th ,
or during the afternoon on Saturday 25th Sept. 
Any ideas gratefully received.........
Many thanks, 
Tina (French)  respond to jf_at_cornerstonesussex_dot_co_dot_uk


In From: Kerry Fletcher 
Date: 3 March 2010 21:09:38 GMT
Subject: Fwd: KNI Borough Run 2010

Hi All,

RE: Help to find Morris dancers at a running event in Waltham Forest, East London.

Dean is really keen to link dance and sporting events and is arranging performance happenings along the route of the run.

He thought having folk dancing would be great so I hope some of you can help by passing on this info to those you think might be interested.... not being in London myself any more, I don't know who is dancing in the area...

So please pass this around and/or contact Dean directly (and please copy me in so I know who has responded - thanks).

Thanks very much.
Cheers, Kerry

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Date: 1 March 2010 15:26
Subject: KNI Borough Run 2010

Hi Kerry,


I am just reminding you about our event following our conversation at the Big Dance Meeting at Stratford Circus. I remember you saying there may have been a folk group that was interested in performing at the event? I hope this still stands as we would love to have some folk dancers at the event.


I’ve attached a Entertainers Form to be filled in and sent back to my office.

Application Form attachment deleted but can be downloaded from
<> 1d.

 The link of the website is below for you to look at.


If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind Regards,


Dean James Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer

KNI Foundation

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T: 07825 718 918

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