From: Shelagh [shelagh_at_micronet_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 11 March 2010 16:58
Cc: Maureen&Malcolm
Subject: This Sunday 14th
Hi ev1 just a quick reminder -- this Sunday is the 2nd sunday so it must be The Unicorn Bekesbourne
Maureen will you forward this on to Chris & Jacqui - I dont like to add people to list without their permission
John the postcode for the Unicorn is CT4 5ED
and it is turn left at the next turning under the railway bridge from the station (or right just before the railway viaduct if you are coming from the other direction..O dear!) there is a car park behind the pub but you have to be quite clever to find it in that it looks like the entrance to someone's back
Next Wednesday will be the last session at The George Molash which is a shame cos the pub filled up last night with people listening - someone's law I suppose.. thne we are off to The Anchor Wingham again so please can Beau and Paul put that in their session guides for the weary traveller....
Andy P is still unwell and has not played since before Christmas - hope he recovers soon as he is missed...
See all or some of you on Sunday maybe????