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Subject: FOLK AT THE DRUM (FATD) - 22 & 29 DEC 11 Fw: The Irish Car Rescue - brilliant


Hi Folks,


Just a reminder that we are doing a "Windmill", "We never close!", again this year and running the club on 22 & 29 Dec as normal, both will be club/singers nights but there is a special event on 22 Dec as Everal, who takes the money for me if you don't know her, will be 90 on Christmas Eve so we will be presenting a card and some flowers that night!  If you can make a special effort to get along on the twenty second to show your appreciation that would be brilliant.


I am sure you will be bored by the twenty ninth so come along then as well but if you can't make either may I wish you all a Very Merry (hic!) Christmas and a Happy New Year from Dannie and me.


Finally with nothing but misery on the news I hope this will cheer you up!!



Best regards




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Subject: Fw: The Irish Car Rescue - brilliant






 The Irish Car Rescue - Brilliant: . . .


                 There is no fix for being Irish . . . . .     Description: 1.1908766124_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comI could have sworn I hit the brake pedal!
Car upside down in the bay - see chap standing on  it?

Call out the Crane Truck!Description: 2.1908766125_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comComing back up . . . coming . . . coming Description: 3.1908766125_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comComing . . . almost there! Description: 4.1908766125_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comOoops ! ! ! Description: 5.1908766125_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comI could have sworn I set the brakes on that truck ! ! ! Time to get a Bigger Truck ! ! ! Description: 6.1908766125_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comDescription: 7.1908766125_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comOk, we got the car . . . let's get the other Truck now!  Description: 8.1908766125_at_web86404_dot_mail_dot_ird_dot_yahoo_dot_comO . . . O . . . oohhh No ! ! ! 
Who's gonna explain this one to the insurance company? SEE . . . your day hasn't been so bad after all . . .                             






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