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Our programme for the next three months up until the end of January :-

Dec 8th * £6.00 * NOEL DUMBRELL
The lovely voice and harmonica playing of this great character who grew up in the village of Ashurst give us an insight into old Sussex.

Dec 15th * £7.00 * RATTLE ON THE STOVEPIPE The exhilarating combination of Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper and Dan Stewart make a regular and very welcome return.

Dec 22nd * Free Admission * GRAND CHRISTMAS SONG & DANCE NIGHT Chairs back against the walls as our resident singers form a dance band, open to all to join in and it’s a party with a song followed by a dance all evening. Free admission but a huge raffle for the school we help to support in The Gambia.
Dec 29th * CLOSED

Jan 5th * £7.00 * PETE MORTON
Great songs flow regularly from the pen of Pete Morton with his really mesmeric performances of these plus a few traditional songs making up the evening.

Jan 12th * £7.00 * POTIPHAR’S APPRENTICES The first visit from a newish trio from Essex, Adrian May and Sue & John Cubbin. They specialise in the songs that Vaughan Williams collected in their county.

Jan 19th * Free Admission * “HERE’S A HEALTH TO THE BARLEY MOW” An Open Night but in the last hour or so we will be giving a preview showing of the hugely popular new BFI double DVD of vintage film of British folklore, song and dance. Copies will be on sale at £8 below RRP.
Jan 26th * £6.00 * ALAN DAY & MIKE AINSCOUGH Two excellent musicians combine their considerable talents on anglo-concertina and string instruments to bring us a selection from their huge and catholic repertoire.

Our Future Guests will include:-
* Jeff Davis (February 16th)
* Dave Swarbrick (February 23rd)
* Bartram, Brookes & Weatherall (March 1st)
* Judy Cook (March 15th)
* Andy Irvine (April 12th)
* Jim MacFarland & Jerry O’Reilly (April 19th)
* Mike Gulston & Blanche Rowen (April 26th)
* John Kirkpatrick (May 17th)
* Gordon Tyrrall (June 14th)
* Matt Quinn [Album Launch night] (June 21st)
* Sisters Unlimited (September 13th)
* Jerry Epstein & Ralph Bodington (September 27th)
* Jeff Warner (October 4th)

Our websites are at

Those of you who arrange listings are politely requested to include all of the above.
2) LEWES FOLK FESTIVAL OCTOBER 11th 14th 2012 Negotiations are well advanced for the headlining names that we want to be able to present in the 2012 Lewes Folk Festival and it looks as though we will be able to book nearly all the names on our wish list.
The names will be announced in this circular as soon as they are finalised. Meanwhile, there are nearly 200 photos of nearly all the 2011 festival events at &type=1&l=e0a37f741b

Our MYSPACE profile enables us to provide sample tracks of coming guests as well as show photos and biographies of coming guests. It is at

Currently on our MYSPACE we have the following tracks by coming guests:-
Noel Dumbrell - "I'll Do It Drekly" - (December 8th) Rattle On the Stovepipe - "Eight More Miles" - (December 15th) Pete Morton - "The Two Brothers" - (January 5th) Potiphar's Apprentices - "Jacky Robinson" - (January 12th) Jeff Davis - "The Bold Privateer" - (February 16th) Dave Swarbrick - "The Trip We Took Over The Mountains" - (February 23rd) Bartram, Brookes & Weatherall - "John Barleycorn" - (March 1st) Andy Irvine - "Gladiators" - (April 12th) Jim MacFarland [with Jerry O'Reilly] - "Reynardine" - (April 19th) Jerry O'Reilly [with Jim MacFarland] - "Father Murphy" - (April 19th)

(After each gig the tracks will drop off to be replaced with another by an upcoming guest.) There are also two photo montage videos of some of the best nights at the Royal Oak. One covering the club evenings during 2007 and the other between 2002 and 2006.
For all the listings of folk music, song club, dances, festivals in and around Sussex, have a look at This site all always kept updated with the latest events and there are over
100 events currently listed covering all the dates up until the end of November.
Most of the listings on the Sussex Folk Guide website are taken from the paper magazine, THE FOLK DIARY. Issue no 252 covers the months of December & January. They are packed with adverts for various folk festivals, folk music record companies, specialist shops, instrument makers and other services as well as details of all the folk song and dance events in our area. To obtain copies of this free magazine as it is published, please send SAE's to Vic Smith at the address below.
It is also the address to send album review copies to. Potential advertisers are also asked to contact Vic for a statement of our advertising rates. The delivery of issue 253 covering February and March is December 31st. Please contact
JIM MARSHALL 01273 559750 jimars_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk Or VIC SMITH 01273 478124 tinvic_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk
THE FOLK DIARY is available on-line at You will need Adobe ACROBAT READER to read the pages. The size of each page is given by each page link and the content of each page is indicated. The following issue is now on-line and are listed here with the contents:-

ISSUE No. 252 December 2011 - January 2012 Page 1 Meltdown Ceilidhs, Carthy & Swarbrick in Burgess Hill Page 2 Dave Toye's Open Mic Cowfold (Tues), Brighton Singers' Club (Weds), Vince's violins, Fee Calls Ceilidhs, Brighton Acoustic Session (Mons), Six Bells Chiddingly (Tues), Tonbridge Folk Club (Mons), Willows Arundel (Weds) Page 3 Spyboy Events, Folk at the Royal Oak, Lewes (Thurs).
Page 4 Croydon - A Victorian Christmas Rude Mechanicals (Weds), Piggies Open Mic (Tues), Hat Music Films, Beacon Tunbridge Wells(Mons) Horsham Folk Club (Suns).
Page 5 Old School Guitars
Page 6 The Maypole, Yapton (Suns), Oana at Burgess Hill, Amberley Folk Club (Tues), Buckland Shag Morris.
Page 7 Kate's Kitchen Band, Roots & Branches King's Place London, Croydon Folk Club (Mons), Page 8 Sussex Folk Association, Chichester Pickers (Thurs), Elsie's (Sats), Folk On The Coast Bognor (Fris), Eastbourne Folk Club (Weds), Cellarfolk Brighton (Tues) Page 9 Hobgoblin, Maypoles To Mistletoe Crawley, GBH Ceilidhs, Electric Voices Guildford Page 10 CD reviews, Seaford Folk Club, Roots Around The World, Sussex Harmony.
Page 11 CD reviews White Horse Bodle St. Green (Mons), Advertising rates & Copy dates.
Page 12 Lewes Saturday Folk Club. .

7] LEWES WORKSHOPS AT THE ELEPHANT & CASTLE The workshops last a full Saturday or Sunday and the tutor performs at the club in the evening.
Forthcoming workshops in 2012 -
3rd. March Fay Hield English song
3rd. March Rob Harbron English concertina
3rd.March Sam Sweeney English music for fiddle
28th. April Cloudstreet Vocal harmony
26th. May Jigjaw Singing for dancing
30th. June Anne Nielson & Gordeanna McCulloch Ballads
14th. July Brendan Power Irish music for harmonica
21st. July The Wilson Family Mining songs & Graeme Miles songs 15th. Sept Sarah Morgan & Carolyn Robson Vocal harmony
16th. Sept Sarah Morgan & Carolyn Robson Ballad forum
20th. Oct Chris Sherburn Irish music for concertina
20th. Oct Denny Bartley Irish song & guitar
17th. Nov Andy Cutting Melodeon
24th. Nov Jez Lowe Songwriting in the tradition

The Lewes Saturday Folk Club has a new domain name - This will work in parallel with the old name for the time being but they hope to phase it out so please change your bookmarks.
8] REGULAR SESSIONS IN THE LEWES/BRIGHTON AREA Bryan Creer has taken on the task of detailing these, and they are posted at
Have a look and if there are any you think that Bryan has missed - contact him on Bryancreer_at_aol_dot_com
9] VIDEO PAGE ON THE FOLK AT THE ROYAL OAK WEBSITE The Folk at the Royal Oak website now has a page devoted to YouTube and Facebook videos. It is at The page is divided into two sections, the first showing videos of guest artists who will be appearing at the Royal Oak, and the second section showing videos of some performances on past nights at the Royal Oak. The videos currently being shown on that page are as follows:- NOEL DUMBRELL on December 8th PETE MORTON on January 5th JEFF DAVIS on February 16th DAVE SWARBRICK on February 23rd CHRIS BARTRAM, NEIL BROOKES & TONY WEATHERALL on March 1st JUDY COOK on March 15th ANDY IRVINE on April 12th JOHN KIRKPATRICK on May 17th Plus videos of appearances at the Royal Oak including Chris Foster. Jez Lowe, Bartram Brookes & Weatherall, Martyn Wyndham-Read & Iris Bishop, Mike Gulston, Tim Van Eyken, Carthy Waterson & Parkinson, Mandy Murray, Davis Locker & Winquist, Black Umfolosi 5, John Kirkpatrick, The Long Hill Ramblers, The Twagger Band, Maggie Boyle, Linda Game, Edel Fox, The Savoy Family Band, Matt Quinn Jeanie Harris & Dan Quinn, Bing Lyle, Derrick Hughes, Tina Smith, Derrick Hughes, Cathal McConnell & Duncan Wood, Ian Chisholm, Terry Masterson, Noel Dumbrell, Dan Quinn, Danny Meaney. Lady Maisery, 10] THE WINTER SOLSTICE CEILIDH AT BRIGHTON CORN EXCHANGE Tuesday 20th December. Dancing, as usual, is to THE SUSSEX PISTOLS with caller VIC SMITH This is the biggest folk dance of the year in our area and in spite of the fact that there are around 600 tickets available, it always sells out quickly. Avoid disappointment by booking now from
11] CHRISTINE COOPER ASKS US TO MENTION Music and Stories from the Otherworld with Christine Cooper.

Up-and-coming young folk singer / fiddler Christine Cooper has recently moved to Brighton, and is freshly returned from a North American tour. Join Christine for an evening of enchantment at the hidden jewel that is the Coach House, 22 Walpole Rd, Brighton. Dec 10th, 8pm start, £3.
12] FOLK MUSIC PROGRAMME ON BRIGHTON & HOVE COMMUNITY RADIO On Thursday afternoons from 4-5pm Ron Sharratt presents a programme called “Sussex Country and Folk”. He always includes a complete round-up of local events and what is happening. This is an internet-only station at

<><><> > <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
...And if you are ever looking for a good barn dance band, look no further than THE SUSSEX PISTOLS - though you should get in quickly - available dates for 2011/2 are being snapped up quickly. Contact Tina on
01273 478124 or email her at tinasmith226_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_uk to book the band. The band's website is at and they have a MYSPACE profile as well at __________________________________________

26 Ferrers Road
East Sussex

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