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Newsletter                13 October 2011

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"I want capture the moment the song is played on stage and transfer it to an album. This is the real me, the real thing...".

Listen and watch:
The Dark Night
(a live version of a track from Kate's new album, The Real Thing)

Click for YouTube clip

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5 November 2011
Kate Walsh
at Chequer Mead
East Grinstead

Support: Andy Whittle

£13 (£11 conc)
Box Office 01342 302000




Four years ago, 26 year old Kate Walsh recorded her beautiful debut album in her producer's bedroom for £500. It became an iTunes sensation, knocking Take That from the No1 spot. Not bad for an album of delicately fragile and, some would say, confessional songs. The song Talk of the Town became Single of the Week in March 2007. Her career took a step up from that time and she is regularly now featured in the music press and radio. Earlier this year, she supported Mark Knopfler on his six-night run at the Royal Albert Hall.

Calling 26-year-old Kate a singer songwriter is like saying Van Gogh was a cartoonist. Kate is, er, different. She adores Debussy, studies cello, listens constantly to Classic FM (and little else) and bemoans the demise of vinyl and CDs. She's entertainingly scathing about the conventional music industry (”it’s fickle, selfish, impersonal and backstabbing”) – and has established her own cottage industry to do it her way. And when she sits down to write a song you’d better lock up your hearts for you instantly become Kate’s close personal confidante as she bares her soul with shocking candour.

Kate's latest album, The Real Thing is officially released in November to coincide with her UK tour and reflects her wish to record an album in the simplest and truest form possible. All songs for the album have been recorded live in the old fashioned sense of the word – no overdubs, no backing vocals… just simple and honest one-take performances which are straight from her heart. "I want capture the moment the song is played on stage and transfer it to an album. This is the real me, the real thing...".

Kate's latest album is currently being released in download form - follow these links for YouTube links to 2 new tracks:

Ø  Greater than I

Ø  Le Jardinier


Popular already among Acoustic Sussex regulars, Nottingham-based Andy Whittle has twice opened for main acts previously (once as part of the singer-songwriter showcase headlined by Anais Mitchell).

Andy is something of an undiscovered gem, with two excellent albums to his credit and a third on the way. Whereas on album he is happy to use big productions and sounds, live he strips things right back to just him and his guitar, with some occasional bass and delicate backing vocals from Rebecca Dawson. This brings the words to the fore and, delivered in his tender and expressive voice the overall effect is amazingly moving. Self-effacing to a fault he frequently loses himself completely in the songs, as indeed do the audience.  Still in his 20s, Andy Whittle is a performer who is undoubtedly a major name in the making.


Kate with Bob Harris

Andy Whiitle



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