From: Stuart Burns [stuartmichaelburns_at_yahoo_dot_com]

Sent: 04 February 2012 17:02

Subject: Stuart Michael Burns 2012 UK Tour


Hello, Beau ~

Stuart Michael Burns of Austin, Texas, plays original material, folk, blues and American country music. Last May he visited the UK, where he teamed up with his old friend, Jack Warshaw of Hampshire. Stuart and Jack toured pubs and folk clubs; Stuart so enjoyed the enthusiastic response of the British audiences that he is returning for a solo tour. I only have a few openings in our July, 2012 schedule and am hoping you can help us fill one those dates at Kentfolk.

Stuart has been singing and performing for 50 years- your audience will enjoy listening to him- he's got a great voice and tells stories about the songs in true folk music tradition. Stuart just released his latest CD, Island Off the Coast of Hell, which you can listen to at\stuartmichaelburns. Please let me know if you are interested in booking Stuart.


Susan England