From: gavin atkin [gavinatkin_at_yahoo_dot_com]
Sent: 20 February 2012 13:38
Subject: Frittenden session, this Sunday with Dan Quinn!

The next Frittenden session at the Bell & Jorrocks is this Sunday, the 26th February, starting at 8pm.

This time our guest is our good friend Dan Quinn.

Dan's an entertaining singer with a splendid collection of great songs, and he's also a fierce melodeon exponent who has has played with more great folk scene dance dance bands than anyone I can think of. He came to national notice with Flowers & Frolics back in the 1970s and these days can be seen gigging regularly with The Watch and 'quirky' concert outfit Duck Soup.
The format we follow at Frittenden is designed to make sure there's time for the rest of us to play tunes, sing dance and tell stories - or anything else that's entertaining and legal that you might have to give us.

The Frittenden sessions are an entertaining old fashioned and traditional pub evening with songs and tunes, and plenty of variety and good humour. If you?ve got a song, a tune, a stepdance or story, enjoy joining in with a chorus or just like listening in the bar, please come along. We go on until it?s time to close with Nellie Dean the old way just as people used to before the telly and the computer.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

Gavin and Julie Atkin

For information see or ring us on 07985 522734.