From: J.B.W.Webber [J.B.W.Webber_at_kent_dot_ac_dot_uk]
Sent: 09 February 2012 22:34
Subject: SEFAN 2012-02-09_CALL OUTs - no more I regret

KentFolk supports : SEFAN : South East Folk Arts Network :
- A wonderful organisation, that helps share and coordinate musical information in the South East
- a region that extends to Milton Keynes.

Among other information that they research, extract and collate and email out, are job, audition, and other such opportunities, which are promulgated to the members with titles such as Announce, CALLOUT, etc.
KentFolk has been copying these to these pages every month for a number of years, as well as forwarding interesting gig opportunities to likely musicians.
Now this was fine while they used to receive grants to fund this work, but, like so many other grants, these have come to an end.
SEFAN is now supported by membersí subscriptions.

Thus I am taking the unpalatable step of no-longer placing CALLOUT and similar emails here, or of forwarding them.
In future, if you want to receive them, please pay your £16 yearly subscription, like I do, and you will receive these emails directly.
SEFAN are well worth supporting if you have any interest in music in the South East.
I will still be placing their EVENT emails (gig information) in the relevant Regional/County directories. Cheers,