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Subject: Last call for Iona

Ok this is another quick reminder and then I realise I owe you a proper letter with lots of news and in depth updates. But in the meantime - remember Its just one day to go till the wonderful Iona come back to Canterbury after a 20 year absence.

There are still quite a few tickets left and If you're undecided or know nothing about them, here's a few more paragraphs to describe what you might be missing...

Once again I've searched to find out what other people say about Iona - these comments are pinched from past album reviews on Amazon, which I like because they come direct from fans and are honest and enthusiastic.

"If you don't know Iona - imagine Clannad, Enya and the ilk, then add a bit of good hard rock, a vast array of instruments (Keyboard, electric & acoustic guitar, sax, fretted & fretless bass, low whistle, flute, chinese flute, Uilleann pipes, Chapman Stick, a host of ethnic & traditional drums....the list goes on) all being played by the five finest musicians on the planet....on top a good mood.
Imagining it? You're still not even close - they're better than that."
"I have loved the sound this band made ever since I saw them in the 1990's in Lancaster. An incredible group they have gone on to record several more albums, but for me this is their best album. A real mix of vocal and instrumental tracks, moving lyrics and Iona's voice is second to none. In the vein of Clannad and Enya but in my opinion, superior. If you get a chance to see them live... go!"

"Go buy it, set yourself up a good glass of Islay malt and listen to this uninterrupted by the kids, the dogs, work, household chores etc on a really good system or cans and it will be revealed to you too...that while you lived a group made that perfect album that encompasses all your questions and feelings about the meaning of life and love, fear and faith, everything you've ever felt about the journey of life and what lies beyond plus everything you've ever loved about excellent musicianship...and keeps saying it every time you hear it. Truly divine."

"I once saw Iona live. I was watching, quite amazed that they were absolutely note-perfect (which no-one ever is live). I asked my friend if he thought they might be miming. He said "no, because they sound even better than they do on the album." And you know what? He was absolutely right."

"Whether you've heard one of their other albums or not, here's some education; Iona are a LIVE band. This is what they do, and this is where they do it the best. If you've heard any of the prior albums, please hear this. Believe me, you haven't heard them until you've heard them live. Every single song is just...better. Still the same technical perfection, the same attention to the minutest details, but charged with that live 'energy'."

"Iona are one of British music's best kept secrets."

How often have we heard that last comment about so many of the amazing artists that come and play for us. Anyway if you're free Thursday night and want to come along, email me and I'll save you some tickets on the door. I'm out of the office tomorrow - another funeral! But I'll reply when I get back later on. Or you can still book online up till Thursday morning on wegottickets, the link is on our website

Thursday 1st March Doors 7.15pm 8pm start Iona - The Chapel, Canterbury Christ Church Uni. Parking right outside Tickets on the door £15 full price £11 students, email to reserve so we can have them ready for you.

Finally one quick ahab story followed by a request...

Our Mick arrived early to help set up the Chapel for the ahab concert back at the beginning of February, Lynette and I were a bit late as we were stuck in a pub in Canterbury with the ahab boys (tough job but somebody's got to do it!) Mick was sitting there alone in the Chapel and idly picked a book of the bookcase - The Bible. The book randomly fell open in his hand and the first word he read was ............ ??? AHAB ..... !!! spooky eh!
And while we're on the subject.... I mislaid my camera that evening and didn't find it till I got home. Did anyone get any good pictures of the concert, and if so could you email me some please. I'd be very grateful.

Back soon with some very exciting Girlyman news...


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