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Subject: Ken Latham's 80th : Photos and Video


Photos and Video of Ken Latham singing “Shallow Brown", on his 80th Birthday,

among his friends at the Anchor Inn, Wingham, Kent, UK.


You can also find it via the  [ KentFolk Video ] link on  and the  link :

Gig Reports: ]

2012 ]


Sorry for the delay, I had trouble uploading it .....

Rosie als has some lovely photos on Facebook.






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Subject: Re: Ken's 80th


Dear All,   Monday 27th Feb is confirmed as Ken's 80th birthday and the Anchor at Wingham is the venue (new landlord Trevor has been told) .  Ken was thrilled but he thinks it's just our regular irish session so when Deal folk etc come this will be a lovely surprise for him.


Judy Knight has kindly offered to make a cake specially.


So please check the distribution list to see if I've missed anyone and forward this email to them.  Sue Watson is going to inform the Deal folk club people as I don't have all their emails and Judy will mention at the irish session this wed.


8pm start.  It will be a mixed song/tune session so bring your instruments.


Promises to be a great night and Ken will be so thrilled.


see you there,


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Subject: Ken's 80th


Dear friends,  shortly it will be Ken Latham's 80th bithday and I don't within we should let this go unnoticed.   First can someeon please confirm it is monday 27th Feb!!    His health has not been brilliant the last year and I think this would give him a boost.  if we could aim to make it a little bit of a surprise how many are going.   I will judge from the replies if this date is feasible.


The plan is to let him know a few friends will be meeting in the Anchor Wingham 8pm but hopefully we can get a good crowd and have a mixed music session and bithday cake.     The pub is under new management so this will do them good as well.


So assuming I heard the date correctly can you let me know if you are up for it.


Lastly,  I don't have all the necessary email addresses so can you check I've not missed anyone he knows.  Please can someone forward to Mick and Sheila and also the Deal folk club friends (maybe Sue W or Martin T could do this)


Once I hear from you I will confirm Ken can make it!!


Many thanks



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Am writing this cos I haven't seen you for awhile..


On Tuesday 13th morning I'm going for a cancer op Should they get it all the first time all will be well - in any event I wont be able to play for 2 - 6 weeks I'm moving into my son's house in Whitstable on 11th for 2 weeks.


AndyBanjo as I wont be around to do the chords do you think you might be on hand to bazouki along on Wednesdays?


THIS SUNDAY is Bekesbourne Unicorn


Ian the Pipes Are you ok? we haven't seen for many weeks now


Molash last night was interesting although only John Banjo Me Paul Banjo Judy and Suzana

2 new people turned up - Dave (Yalding) who played the bodhran very sympathetically and Tess (West Malling) who is an excellent whistle player and will be happier once she learns our sets John Banjo is sending them to her as she reads music VERY swiftly!!


anyway take care all of you and hopefully see you soon



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