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Subject: More fun and frolics - and great music!


Well that week whizzed by before I knew it. I'm still recovering from a mindblowing Iona concert last Thursday and before we know it we're looking forward to Sean Lakeman and Kathryn Roberts tonight in the Kingston Barn. I'm thrilled to say it that tonights concert has sold out, so I'll see you there if you're coming.

In the meantime - hello and welcome to all our newbies, thanks for signing up - hope you have fun reading this and coming along to some future gigs. Don't worry if you haven't heard of the artists, I can promise you they're all brilliant, take a chance you won't regret it.

So - Iona - wow! what can I say? These comments sent to me and to the Band themselves say it all for me....

"I was totally blown away by the live performance last week! Whilst I love your CDs I was surprised how much better you sound live!! You sound much rockier live than I expected the power and intensity of your live performance was totally amazing and the mixing and sound was just perfect! I really enjoyed the first song ?The Ancient Wells?, ?White Horse? and the fact that you?ve played some of your older songs (e.g. ?Heaven?s Bright Sun? and ?Woven Cord?). I was very blessed and encouraged by the concert many thanks! Looking forward to attending another gig in the hopefully not too far future! :)"

"The Canterbury gig was amazing, first time I have seen you. I was awestruck "
"Thanks for another superb gig and especially for finally coming to Canterbury. After following you guys for seventeen years you still find something new every time!"

"Guys what a stunning special evening at Canterbury last night ...please come back and see us in Kent" (They will!)

Thank you for inviting Iona to play in Canterbury. I hope they return in the future. Excellent concert."

"Dear Debs -Great concert we came away on a real high. Thank you."
"What an amazing concert! Iona rock!"

"Wow, wasn't last night fantastic!"

It was that good, and the Band loved it too and are very keen to come back, so don't miss them next time! We've recently started to enjoy a whole new dimension to Folk in the Barn gigs. It started with ahab - mainly because it was so flippin cold!! But Iona caused a whole new phenonmanononon (can't spell it sorry) that is lots and lots of people getting up and dancing! We had dancing in the aisles, at the back, at the sides, everywhere there was room to dance in fact. It was so wonderful and I just wished I had younger fitter legs because they couldn't keep up with the rest of me! So lets hope that continues, I shall expect it of you every time now so be prepared!

Next I must remind you all of our next fantastic concert coming up in the Kingston Barn on 6th April.

Selling out last time they came and receiving a long and enthusiastic standing ovation - Phil Bates, Mik Kaminski and Tina McBain who make up Beatles Blues and Blue Violin. The combination of Phil and Tinas lovely voices, Phils amazing guitar playing and Miks virtuoso violin gave us a show of real class and professionalism. All our favourite songs from the Beatles and ELO and others took us on a nostalgia trip and reminded us of the strength and appeal of those brilliant songs. It really was a memorable night and they're back again 18 months on to do it all again and more. Plenty of tickets available at the moment £13 if you book and pay in advance. ELO in the Kingston Barn - how cool is that! bring all your friends for an inspiring night out ! If you need a reminder check this out - close you're eyes, imagine you're there - you could be... 6th April

Jumping further ahead into May - I need to tell you about the return of Girlyman before the tickets all get snapped up by people from Yorkshire and Brighton!

Yes the amazing Girlyman - who quickly shot straight to the top of my favourite band list - are returning for not just a gig, but a whole weekend of Girlymanness! We have three events happening starting with Girlyman - 'Even Cosier' On Friday 18th May at the Black Robin Inn, Kingston, limited tickets for a one-off cosy night in with Girlyman - this will be a different type of show with interaction, requests, Q & A's, relaxed, informal, intimate, exclusive and loads of fun, come early and have a meal in the restaurant first. Concert starts 8pm , tickets £15.

On Saturday afternoon 19th May we have a harmony workshop in the Kingston Barn with Ty Doris Nate and JJ, they run these very successfully in the states at the Rocky Mountain Song School. The band talks about forming harmony, giving examples, then work with the audience in close groups and as a whole. Those that know the characters will know that this could be the most fun afternoon you'll have ever had. You don't have to be a singer to attend and enjoy it, you will learn a lot just by observing. Tea and cake as well - what more could you want. Doors 1.15pm for 1.30pm start, finishes 3.30pm Tickets £20 - discount available if booking all three events £15.

On the Saturday evening of 19th May there will be a full band concert in the Kingston Barn showcasing their new cd Supernova. Of course you can also expect all the usual Girlyman tuning songs and fun and frolics.Tickets £14. This band are so wonderful, the music and the characters lift you and leave you wanting more. And people have already booked for all three events and are coming from Yorkshire and Brighton. Last time people came from Switzerland just to see them so - take their word for it - this band are worth coming to see. All details now on the website and available to book in the usual way or through wegottickets.

Other news

There is an event happening at the University of Kent on 16th March - 11am to 3pm at the Chaucer Fields, to raise awareness of an issue concerning the development of that land and the reasons why its a bad idea for the University and Canterbury and the planet! With a line-up that includes Brendan Power and Benjamin Folke Thomas (who supported ahab for us recently and was fabbo) Dead Horse musicianer, student musicians, BBQ, talks, games, workshops etc it looks like a great day out - go along and support if you can.
More other news

Our friends at Your Music School - formally Yamaha Music school have set up a regular series of trips up to London to see the fabulous West End shows. We've already enjoyed a few of these trips and can highly recommend them. You get transported on very comfy, well driven coach from Canterbury right to the door of the theatre, with time to get a meal first, a very good ticket at a hugely discounted rate, and dropped back to your car at the end of the evening. The cost of the whole trip including travel is usually less than the face value cost of the tickets. With trips to Blood Brothers, Les Miserables and War Horse coming up - have a look at and support this new venture. James has a mailing list you can sign up for to find out whats happening, if you do decide to sign up and go along please tell James you heard about it from me then he might be nice and reward me in some way!! He did say he would- James if you're reading this....!!!!??? There are also pick up stops along the way so if you live in the Medway Towns, you don't have to come to Canterbury, I'm sure there are full details on the website so have a look for yourselves.

Don't forget we've also got the wonderful Boo Hewerdine and Brookes Williams on the 21st April, one for lovers of great lyrics and great guitar playing. And our dear old Fairport of course back on the 6th May, bless them, we love them. Hope there's something there that tickles your fancy and look forward to seeing you at one or some of the above concerts.

If you're around this afternoon, Sean and Kath will be giving a brief interview on Radio Kent at about 12.20pm, let me know if you catch them.

Sorry - I knew this would be a long one - I've been putting it off - for your sake!!

Well done for reaching the end, and thanks for persisting - I'm off now to make apple crumble for Sean Lakeman! See ya later.


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