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Subject: Pete Fyfe review & sleeve - JED GRIMES - Heart And Hand EP




Sorry for getting back so soon regarding the recent Jed Grimes review unfortunately due to an oversite of my own making please could you replace the previous review with this one






JED GRIMES - Heart And Hand EP (Blue Guitar Music BGEPCD 0022)


Most of you will know that I don't generally review EP CDs but in Jed's case I'll make an exception. I'm just watching Saturday Kitchen (with the sound turned down) whilst listening to this fine appetiser from a man of great taste. Opening with the laid-back ?Country' feel of "Farewell To Bon County" (from the Samuel P Bayard Collection) Jed certainly knows how to express lyrics in an unrushed but achingly honest way much like Fox & Luckley used to do with "Shores Of Old Blighty". On top of that, the skilfully judged re-working (to Grimes own melody) of the classic "Byker Hill" where the gently driving percussion along with Uilleann pipes courtesy of Mick Doonan and crowned by a glorious ?choir' is just asking for National Radio play. Then there's "The Bold Fishermen" with its 5/4 time signature which has been visited by Jed before (in a previous incarnation as a member of Hedgehog Pie) and the inclusion of "Rain And Snow" with its passionate lyrics of a man wronged by his woman. Complete with brooding sustained Hammond organ chords this track provides a slice of mature audio pleasure. With Grimes's take on long-established songs, giving them his own twist, he certainly knows his way around reinterpretation with a respectful nod to the tradition. This 4-track recording is available from Amazon as a download or from Jed himself at gigs but as a starter I personally can't wait for the full banquet.