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2012 Street Theatre from Reckless Invention


The season is upon us and we thought we'd let you know about the themed acts we do. We do big effect, audience pulling static shows and walkabout acts for dance, sport, food, maritime and Olympic events. 


Turbo Jonez is a massive hit and the sequel, Temple of Boom is brand new for 2012 after being devised in 2011. For those thinking Olympic, we have the Olympic Pedalo team, the Olympic Golfers and the Olympic Welsh Breakdance team. 


Contact us at tom_at_recklessinvention_dot_co_dot_uk for a chat about what would suit your event best.

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Turbo & Dai breakdance walkabout


The Giant Olympic Golfers sport walkabout

This comedy breakdance walkabout has been killin' 'em since it first came out. It's low on technical requirements and big on audience pull. Audiences love getting on the lino to bust some moves too.

Those are 10 foot tall golfers! The clubs are fully operational and 120 yard drives are easy peasy. Golf is now an Olympic Sport people. Top quality 2 person stilt walkabout, Audience interaction with useable golf clubs.



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Comedy Waiters food walkabout


Giant Lollipop Man solo stilt act


Turbo Jonez & the Temple of Boom

Currently on the front cover of Vegetarian Monthly, these 2 clowns animate your food event. Realistic waiters develop their comedy throughout the event building to hilarity.

10 foot tall Lollipop man on stilts. Highly visual, family friendly health and safety obsessed crossing dude with comedy Lollipop.


Oh man, what can we say about this 1000 watt, 30 foot wide, 20 foot high roller coaster hip hop ride ending in a giant inflatable cobra and a thong! We've had to factor in an extra 15 minutes after the show to allow for all the people wanting to meet 'Turbo' afterwards. 

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