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Sent: 19 February 2012 22:54



Evening all,


Anyone who remembers that as the greeting at the start of "Dixon of Dock Green" is showing their age!


We have my great friends Barrie & Ingrid with us on Thursday and because of a cock-up on my part it is far too long since they last came to us.


The floor spots in order will be: Bill & Val, Maureen and Peter Collins in the first half; with Sue and David & Gillian in the second half.  As always the floor spots will be 10 mins and please don't forget that we start at 2015 on a guest night, NOT 2030.  If you possibly can please get there no later than 1945 so that the bar staff have a sporting chance of getting our drinks served without being rushed off their feet.


As Maureen is recovering from the dreaded lurgy Jan is the reserve for her spot and as Peter has an important engagement on Saturday which requires much preparation, cover for him will be from Fred & Kirsten.


Gillian and I had a rehearsal this afternoon and in between coughs and sniffs managed to rehearse our set so, fingers crossed, we shouldn't need any cover!


If you haven't heard Barrie & Ingrid before please take it from me that it will be a highly entertaining evening, with: great singing great songs including many written by Barrie and plenty of humour as well as lessons in speaking Geordie! If you would like a preview please follow this link, and learn the chorus at the same time for Thursday!  You can also pick up information and further You Tube links at: 


Don't forget to look at our own website and when you see him please thank Alistair Bailey for all the hard work he puts in to keep this up to date and looking as good as it does.


Best regards