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Dear Members,

Hope to see you at the club soon.

Plus check out The Rakes' Barn Dance and the splendid Gaelic Voices event listed below.

All the best,

Peta & Ken




Friday 24the February - JEFF DAVIS (USA)                                                 Jeff Davis, superb old-time fiddle player, is a master of clawhammer banjo, guitar & mandolin without ever striving for showy licks or empty virtuosity. His singing, based on long immersion in the styles of the old singers is truly timeless, conjuring vividly the world of the cowboy or the Civil War soldier.   "When Jeff Davis sings the repertoire of the Appalachian Mountains, he cuts through decades and across borders, sitting us right down in the dirt in front of a weather-beaten shack, at the feet of a hillbilly singer - he combines authenticity and art in a rare way." Chronicle Herald of Nova Scotia


                                                    With Roger Digby (concertina) and Liz Giddings (fiddle)



Friday 9th March - International Women's Day event

with SHEENA VALLELY (sparking traditional flute player from Armagh) & JOHN SAY (percussionist extraordinaire) ,  Maggie Casey (songs and whistle) &  Lis Stewart (fiddle & concertina) ,

singers Marianne McAleer and Peta Webb



Friday 20th April


From Sheffield, Gavin is a powerful singer and a fine concertina and guitar player. His recent CD Brief Lives combines traditional ballads (with stark arrangements which expose rather than obscure the song  - " these songs have been around a lot longer than I have and deserve to speak a little louder than me" ) with strikingly original song writing on "False Knight" (a tribute to his grandfather's death in WW 2) and "Silent Alarm".

With Matt Quinn, a fine singer, fiddle and melodeon player whose music is rooted in English folk tradition.



Dates for your Diary :

Friday 18th May - Sara Grey and Kieron Means

Saturday 19th May - Keith Summers Gathering (informal daytime event with songs and tunes)

Friday 15th June - Bloomsday event with Racker Donnelly and Luke Cheevers (tbc)

Friday 20th July - Jim & Lynette Eldon



The King & Queen, 1 Foley Street, London W1W 6DL (junction of Foley Street and Cleveland Street) Nearest tube: Goodge Street / Warren Street/ Great Portland Street.  Parking OK after 6.30.  Club runs 8-11pm. Admission : £7,concs. £5  ( Members £6, concs £4)          **********************************************************************


NON  MTC EVENTS WHICH MIGHT BE OF INTEREST ****************************************************************

Lots of good events coming up at   The Cellar Upstairs    Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street,  London NW1 2HR (on the corner of Cobourg Street, near Euston & Euston Square stations; parking easy), Saturdays 8.15pm    INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700; E-mail: Cellarupstairs;  Members: £6, non-members: £7 (unwaged £1.50 less)



 SWINGTIME SERENADERS   March event postponed......



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