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OONAGH DERBY - Harmony Street (KTM Records KTM001)


In a way Oonah Derby's story reflects Irish chanteuse Mary Black's transformation as singer for General Humbert to her more elevated position as a conveyer of contemporary songs. Having come via a traditional music grounding in the band ?Nua' Derby has slipped effortlessly into the mantle of singer-songwriter in collaboration with guitarist Gerard Thompson. From what I'm sure was a pretty safe environment propelling oneself into the glare of the contemporary music genre is quite a step but one that I'm sure will pay dividends as soon as everyone has become aware of her and in this technological day and age who's not to say that isn't possible? Utilising the services of producer/musician Gerry (banjo) O'Connor is something of a master stroke as I'm sure he helped immeasurably in steering the crossover cultures inherent on the album. At times reminiscent of recordings by Shania Twain, Dolores Keane and Maura O'Connell this cross fertilisation of acoustic based country-rock brings a pleasing smile to the face and could well prove significant in making her music available to a wider audience. Obviously well versed in the art of ?road touring' her "Sick, Sore And Tired" is a tried and tested anthem that will ring true with any number of bands and has what is required with a raunchy punch in delivery proving she can get down and dirty with any of Nashville's finest. The gentle ?shuffle' of the title track "Harmony Street" will prove popular with anyone more used to the mellow tones beloved of Radio 2 listeners whilst her lyrics have a ?knowing' quality that I'm sure speaks volumes for world weary (and rootless) travellers everywhere.