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LITHA - Dancing Of The Light (ARCD 3045)


A few years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the 2Duos outstanding debut CD. Since then they've changed their name to Litha but whatever title they choose, this certainly is a 4-piece more than capable of carving out their own unique slice of Celtic ?folk' history given half a chance. Diving straight in with a powerful set-up of guitar ?chops' and a swooping riff on the fiddle it opens the album with a bang on Tim O'Leary's song "Blind George". The vocals are delivered with passion by Aaron Jones but minus the heavy Scottish bur (think Dougie MacLean rather than Dick Gaughan) often associated with a majority of bands of this genre and, in my opinion are all the better for it. The captivating tonal qualities of Germany's Gudrun Walther provides a wonderful juxtaposition within the band in much the same way that brother and sister Micheal & Triona O'Domhnaill did in the Bothy Band and like ?The Bothys' debut album this really is an exciting prospect. As if to cement the deal check out "Rosie's Reels" where all four members including Claire Mann's driving fiddle and Jurgen Treyz rhythmical guitar accompaniment really prove their mettle as inspired instrumentalists. The group's choice of songs by Suzanne Vega and Karine Polwart's Radio 2 friendly "Waterlily" will be forever immortalised like a stamp through a stick of Brighton rock and all members are to be complimented for their ?arty' but consumer friendly approach to their music. By the way trivia fans?for those wondering where they've heard the tune ?New Claret' at the end of the ?Flying Dairymaids' it's the elusive title of the tune Fairport couldn't find in their "Flatback Caper" set on the Full House album.