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Subject: Pete Fyfe review & sleeve

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DAVID GIBB & ELLY LUCAS - Old Chairs To Mend (Hairpin Records 002)


I'm not a great one for reading sleeve notes as I'd far rather make up my own mind how I feel about certain tracks but in this case I'll make an exception at least for the Radio 2 friendly "Blacksmith". There are so many interpretations of this particular song that I've lost count but for someone to do something different with it is always worth a mention. This ?soul' version utilising a gently picked guitar from Gibb underpinned by a wrist slapping rhythm and the cooing vocals of Lucas really gets under the skin of the lyrics. As if to counter the subtlety of "Blacksmith" the duo appear intent on rushing a majority of the songs including "Sam Hall" and an at times uncomfortably too high pitched opening track "Man On The Road" where you're left crossing your fingers that David will reach that top note a bit like the proverbial pub singer going for a car-crash chorus of "Danny Boy". Hopefully I won't come across as being too uncharitable?after all it is the duo's debut recording?but unfortunately the album leaves me with mixed emotions and a bit like landing up with the bobbly sweet from a bag of Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts I personally feel you won't enjoy it all.