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Subject: Pete Fyfe - Karen Ryan (The Coast Road)

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KAREN RYAN - The Coast Road (Clo Iar-Chonnacht CICD 188)


This is the kind of recording that harks back to the old days of "Paddy In The Smoke" and Danny ?Concrete Fingers' Meehan playing at The Favourite. Possibly aimed at a more traditionally biased audience Ryan's style of fiddle playing (sometimes opening with the predominantly two chord piano introduction so beloved of Irish set dancers everywhere provided by long term associate Pete Quinn) will give some indication to those like myself who used to sit at the altar of the likes of Raymond Rowland, Liam Farrell and John Bowe. There are plenty of great standards including "Sally Gardens", "Miss McCloud's" and "Saddle The Pony" but it's Karen's beautifully fluid whistle playing on "The Swallow's Tail/The Sunny Banks/The London Lasses" set that does it for me. This may not be a rip-roaring album or one that's trying to be ?different' but if its rock solid performances of some excellent tunes you're looking for I'd suggest you check it out.