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Sorry about this, I made a cock-up on my last review of Bernard Wrigley


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BERNARD WRIGLEY - The Phenomenal B. Wrigley/Rough & Wrigley (Loofy Records 003/004)


Behind every actor and comedian there is a serious musician trying to break out?at least in my opinion. Not too serious mind, just enough to make the listener sit up and take notice. Such is the case here on this double album re-release from the ?Bolton Bullfrog' himself Bernard Wrigley. Opening with the amusing tale of "The Mole-Catcher" which I'd heard of but never actually heard until now shows that here is a performer who doesn't take himself too seriously and thank goodness he doesn't. I mean, anyone who can utter the immortal line "Just as this young fellow's in the middle of his frolics the mole-catcher trapped him right fast by his knees" without the merest hint of irony gets a resounding thumbs-up from me. And for those that think this song is perhaps a tad risqu?, you might be interested to know that Bernard learnt it from the legendary (in ?folk' circles at least) A L Lloyd who also contributes the ?Phenomenal' sleeve-notes and in 1972 when it was first released it was also voted BBC Radio 2's album of the year on "Country Meets Folk" by presenter Wally Whyton. With most of the 32 tracks on this CD coming in at around 2 minutes 30 seconds there's bound to be something to cater for every taste in ?folk music' and in addition to his skills on various concertinas and guitar Wrigley is joined on many tracks by his good friend Wilf Darlington who provides some sparkling mandolin and fiddle accompaniment. Nostalgic it may be going back to where it all started but when the material is this entertaining it doesn't deserve to be relegated to the mists of time.