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CYRIL TAWNEY - In Port (Talking Elephant Records TECD 187)


The mere mention of the name Cyril Tawney brings pleasure to many Shanty singers around the world. Therefore this re-release of his "In Port" album (originally released on the Argo record label) by those very nice chaps at Talking Elephant Records (Barry & Malcolm) comes at a time when all songs sea-based are at something of a zenith due in part to the success of Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends, The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and even ?The Choir's' Gareth Malone taking an interest. Several of Tawney's songs have become an established part of ?folk' history (and rightly so) among them "Sally Free And Easy", "Chicken On A Raft" and "The Grey Funnel Line" all of which appear here. Whether acapella or with minimal backing from Dennis McCallum (accordion) and The Yetties it's Cyril's vocals (in my view not dissimilar to a lesser ?mannered' Ewan MacColl) that holds everything together like the use of resorcinol glue binding the timbers of boats together. For good measure there are extensive notes by the man himself on how the songs came about and provide an insightful and interesting ?read'. On another subject with Cyril sadly having passed away in 2005 it's interesting to note that the tradition of sea-faring ?slang' and ?terms' are now becoming lost (even on today's youthful Navy recruits) so let's savour the memories while we can and indulge ourselves in company with this wonderful ex-sub mariner.