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Subject: Pete Fyfe: Tim Edey - The Best Of Tim Edey CD review and sleeve

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TIM EDEY - The Best Of Tim Edey (Gnatbite Records)


Kaleidoscope may not be the coolest word to use at the moment thanks to John Bercow, Speaker Of The House Of Commons but it happens to be the way I view Tim Edey's colourful rise to fame within the ?folk' community. Having recently been the recipient of the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for 2012 as musician of the year no less Tim's prowess as a multi-instrumentalist has long been admired by those of us fortunate to have shared his company at sessions or performing on stage. Edey's unbelievably technical flawless musicianship is displayed on this ten year retrospective proving just how comfortable he is in his own company or with that of his equally talented associates including Michael McGoldrick, Seamus Begley and Brendan Power. Opening with the almost ?harp' sounding "Out On The Ocean" thanks to his intricate nylon strung guitar playing this leads nicely into the jazz-styled "Independence Hornpipe" with an astonishing display of digital dexterity on melodeon. As if being a fantastic musician wasn't enough he also displays a talent for tune writing with his own wistful melody "Little Bird" where he's accompanied by Sharon Shannon. Anyhow, enough of the name-dropping and on with the jaw-dropping?if it's digital dexterity that floats your boat (by the way, Tim's based in the sea-side town of Broadstairs?and proud of it) then I can thoroughly recommend this CD.