From: gavin atkin [gavinatkin_at_yahoo_dot_com]

Sent: 20 February 2012 12:56

Subject: Gun & Spitroast trad music class Wednesday 22nd February


The next Gun & Spitroast traditional music class is this Wednesday - the 22nd February.


We'll likely play a couple of tunes from earlier classes to warm up, but the real work of the evening will be to talk about and play the tunes we'll be using for the Frittenden Old Fashioned Night Out dance on the 31st March. Rosie Davis, who will be calling on the night will be with us, and we can discuss which tunes of the tunes covered in the classes that we like.


Here's a list of the tunes and dances we did last time. We might want to change some of the tunes, just as the class wishes.


Scotland the Brave - Gay Gordons

Soldier's Joy and Little Brown Jug - Virginia Reel

My Bonnie- St Bernard Waltz

Heel and Toe Polka - Polka

Shave the Donkey - Veleta

Albert Farmer's Bonfire Tune - Palais Glide

Haste to the Wedding - 6/8 Strip the Willow

The South Wind - Last waltz


Spare dances (in case there's time or call for more):


The Girl I Left Behind Me - Dashing White Sergeant

Strike the Bell - Nottingham Swing

Cock of the North - Cumberland Square Eight

Donkey Riding- Circassian Circle


As usual, we'll play steadily and slowly, only moving on to the next one when it seems right to do so. We'll also spend some time thinking about how we can tackle the tunes and make them lively, danceable and interesting.


Towards the end of the evening, we may retire to the bar for some rather more informal sessioning or a chat!


We meet at the Gun & Spitroast pub at Horsmonden at 8pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. The classes are free and all are welcome. If this email doesn't really apply to you, please don't throw it away - please pass it to someone who might find it useful!


Download pdfs, abcs and access YouTubes of the tunes we're working with at: