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Subject: Chaucer Fields, Marsden March and new bookings..

Just a quick one - I've been informed that the Chaucer Fields event today has been cancelled.
More info here Such a shame for the organisers and supporters of this cause. I'm sure there will be more opportunities later in the year to re-arrange. Sorry its late notice, my mailing list provider wasn't working earlier for some reason.
On a more positive note, and to keep your mouths watering - we're just confirming some more great names for later on in the Summer and Autumn. We've got Benji Kirkpatrick coming to do an 'Even Cosier' in the Black Robin and Mr Knightley will be back in the Autumn as will favourites Megson, Gerry Colvin (solo) and Chris While (yes again - but surely you can't get too much of one the UK's best female vocalists) this time with her regular singing partner Julie Matthews and a real scoop - check out Gregory Alan Isakov - best known from the soundtrack for TV series Californication - superb! And lastly the sheer musical brilliance of the Urban Folk Quartet and quite a few more too.... so much to look forward to...

I wanted to pass on this message from our good friend Mick O'Rourke - who is familiar to you all from his sterling assistance over the years helping you to find somewhere to park, and who many of you know from the past couple of gigs has been fundraising for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity through the Marsden March

"Hiya Debs - we did it...smashing day, 4,000 marchers, many in fancy dress, many survivors, many bereaved relatives and friends, all with a story to tell, an amazing experience...thankyou for letting me collect at the gigs where I received sponsorship totalling £86 (perhaps you could mention it and include a big thankyou to all those who supported us in your next block message ?) - in all we should total around £450 raised between the 3 of us when all collected in."

That's good to hear - well done Mick and daughters Kerry and Corrina.

Come and find us on Facebook - photos from all the gigs are in the gallery, and we're on Twitter too _at_FolkintheBarn

April gigs
Friday 6th - Beatles, Blues and Blue Violin - Kingston Barn £13 - still tickets available for Mik Kaminski (ELO) Phil Bates and Tina McBain singing all your favourites from those happy days.

Saturday 21st - Boo Hewerdine & Brookes Williams (State of the Union) - CCCU Chapel £12 - Pure class! Come and see the masters in action

More to follow



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