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Subject: MUSICAL TRADITIONS CLUB and Keith Summers Gathering Summer 2012



  MUSICAL TRADITIONS CLUB and Keith Summers Gathering Summer 2012

Dear Members,

Hope to see you at the club soon. Don't miss Gavin Davenport, a great new talent with real feeling and respect for the tradition.

All the best,

Peta & Ken



Friday 20th April


From Sheffield, Gavin is a powerful singer and a fine concertina and guitar player. His recent CD Brief Lives combines traditional ballads (with stark arrangements which expose rather than obscure the song  - " these songs have been around a lot longer than I have and deserve to speak a little louder than me" ) with strikingly original song writing on "False Knight" (a tribute to his grandfather's death in WW 2) and "Silent Alarm".

With Matt Quinn, a fine singer, fiddle and melodeon player whose music is rooted in English folk tradition.



Friday 18th May

Sara Grey and Kieron Means

New Englander Sara is a remarkable singer of the old ballads, prefacing the songs with fascinating background stories. Her distinctive frailing style on the banjo shows just how this instrument should be played.  Kieron, Sara's son, a brilliant guitar player, has a strikingly individual sound.His material draws from the deepest wellsprings of North American culture and the work of latter-day songwriters steeped in the old traditions. Both perform with rare passion and enthusiasm 

                                           With The Rakes





After a glorious 7 years, funding for the Keith Summers Festival has run out but we are having a scaled - down local event at The King & Queen on Saturday 19th May 1-6 pm in the bar (following the Sara Grey night at Musical Traditions Club on 18th May but a separate event).

No guests from far afield, just a gathering of  friends- many of whom who remember Keith - and who are great musicians and singers :Will  Duke, Dan Quinn, Roger Digby, Simon Ritchie, Finbarr Wall, Oliver Mulligan, Creena Mulchrone, Thomas McCarthy and Jim Ward. 

 Do come and join us! No advance tickets but we shall be asking for donations to cover expenses for the invited singers/musicians - anything remaining will be shared between starting a kitty for a larger scale event next year and contributing to the Landlord's preferred charity, Macmillan Cancer Nurses. WARNING : on Sat. Parking meters apply -?4 an hour!- so use public transport.



Friday 15th June - Bloomsday event with Racker Donnelly and Luke Cheevers

Friday 20th July - Jim & Lynette Eldon



The King & Queen, 1 Foley Street, London W1W 6DL (junction of Foley Street and Cleveland Street) Nearest tube: Goodge Street / Warren Street/ Great Portland Street.  Parking OK after 6.30 on Fridays.  Club runs 8-11pm. Admission : ?7,concs. ?5  ( Members ?6, concs ?4)    



NON  MTC EVENTS WHICH MIGHT BE OF INTEREST ****************************************************************

Cellar Upstairs  21st April Jim McFarland & Jerry O'Reilly    Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street,  London NW1 2HR (on the corner of Cobourg Street, near Euston & Euston Square stations; parking easy), Saturdays 8.15pm    INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700; E-mail: Cellarupstairs;  Members: ?6, non-members: ?7 (unwaged ?1.50 less)

 **********************************************************************************************************      SWINGTIME SERENADERS    Thursday 26th April and Thursday 24th May 2012 7.30 in the RADA Foyer Bar RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), Malet Street entrance,  WC1E 7JN ADMISSION FREE

 swinging  jazz standards for your listening pleasure featuring the vocals of Peta Webb with Andy Simons (guitar)  Tony Engle (saxophones & vocals)  Ned Clack  (tuba)                       contact :Andy Simons     jazzyandy_at_googlemail_dot_com  Peta Webb    petawebken_at_aol_dot_com

****************************************************************************************** The Rakes Barn Dance  Cecil Sharp House  18 April 2012   8:00:PM
A new monthly event * from one of the most influential country dance bands of the past half century. Reg Hall, Michael Plunkett and Paul Gross have been playing their distinctive, exciting music for country dances throughout the country for more than 50 years and have influenced generations of dance musicians. They are joined in this series of dances by Steve Roud, one of the country's leading authorities on English traditional song as well as being a great dance caller. Also joining the band will be Ken Lees on banjo and piano.    Tickets ?6 (adv) ?7 (door) 
FolkShop   Musiglue                 0208 527 8419                                         English Folk Dance and Song Society
Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London, NW1 7AY
Tel: 020 7485 2206    |    Email:
info_at_efdss_dot_org  (*other dates 23rd May, 27th June)



For a great night out at the Music Hall at Lauderdale House, Highgate                              

see   Dates : 18th April (every 3rd Wednesday) 

**************************************************** If you no longer wish to be on this mailing list just let us know at petawebken_at_aol_dot_com