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NICK DOW - My Love You've Won To Keep (Old House Music OHM 705)


I was listening to a radio programme a while ago when my ears pricked up on hearing the dulcet tones of Nick Dow. Bearing in mind the last time I saw/heard Nick was over thirty years ago on the London folk club circuit his voice has maintained the same characteristic and gloriously rounded timbre that always made me think "?I wonder whatever happened to him?" Well, whatever happened to him (enjoying his life as a sign-writer and radio host I should imagine) is in the past and thankfully he has now started recording ?folk music' again?and he does so with aplomb. Worth purchasing a copy of the album alone for the inclusion of the classic "The Bellringing" where the diction perfect unaccompanied performance is pitch perfect he also proves pretty nifty on guitar on the opening track "Fair Susan I Left". Judging from his sleeve notes the final track "Blue Mountain" sounds as if it's become something of a ?most requested' song from his ?live' repertoire and I can certainly see why. Having been written by Fred Keller after the First World War, Nick's interpretation with it's lazy ?country' feel joined by Pete Dave Grimshaw (fiddle), Jim Wheeler (Bass) and Alex Nearnley (banjo) is a ?hit' waiting in the wings. It helps if you know something of the background of the song as there are a lot of names and places that are worth checking up on to fill in the gaps and I suggest you follow the link if you want to find out more?God Bless the web! Unfortunately Nick has no website to my knowledge but you can order copies of the CD from