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I'll just sneak a quick update in before the end of the month. How fantastic to see the Sunshine again - what a torment that it's a Monday morning! I don't know about you but I have had enough of splashing about trying to put posters up in this wet and windy drought! At least the flour, eggs and butter producers will be very happy - it seems from facebook that everyone turns to baking cakes when they can't get out in the garden! Have you found us on facebook yet? We've got our own Folk in the Barn page with lots of updates and clips and a gallery of all the concerts from the past few years. Please come and 'like' us (if you do!) and say hi. Since losing the guestbook at the website revamp, facebook is a great place to leave gig feedback, reviews and offer suggestions. And we 'tweet' too _at_folkinthebarn_dot_ It's all completely free, painless, and quite enjoyable.

Thanks to all who came to Christ Church Uni for the State of the Union concert. It was another superb night in the beautiful Chapel - fast becoming one of our favourite venues. Luke Jackson and his Dad Paul came along, so naturally I asked Luke if he'd bring his guitar and open the proceedings, which he did beautifully as usual. The very next day Luke was heading off to Cardiff to spend the week with Martyn Joseph who had offered to produce his first proper full length album. Can't wait to hear the results of that collaberation. As usual the comments afterwards were astonishment from those who hadn't seen him play before and from some who had but not for a while.
Boo Hewerdine and Brooks Williams together were superb. Brooks' laid back, very warm and open (American) persona and Boo's slightly edgy, very dry, quirky Englishness created huge contrast, but together musically - made for an intriguing and very appealing show. I loved the collection of songs - with leads shared equally - the style was simple - almost jaunty with a nostalgic feel at times. The stand out for me was their catchy version of The Pet Shop Boys' - 'Rent'. So clever! I bet like me - you were still singing that riff on the way home. The guys loved the gig too and wrote to say thank you - properly - with a stamp an all! Not just an email - I was very impressed. They said that a great evening was topped by hearing Bob Harris play and say fab things about their album on his show, on their journey home in the car! Judging from the amount of cds sold in the interval and at the end - you thought so too.

Fairport Convention
Well - May beckons, and its time once again to Meet on the Lodge!...... Sorry - I know we used that last year (and probably the year before) but it's still worth it! If you're thinking - what is she on about? It can only mean that the Legends of the Folk Rock world - Fairport Convention - are coming! They're packed and ready to hit the road for their intimate Spring tour. According to Simon Nicol - our gig in Canterbury is one they look forward to the most! I wonder why? The grand and historic location? or the apple crumble and cream? hmmm?? Anyway - Many of you have booked already - in advance and thanks a million for that. We've still got quite a few tickets to sell and if you send off a cheque today or tomorrow you'll get the advance booking price and save a couple of quid. Best to pick them up on the night, as I don't want to risk you not getting them in time.

So - Next Sunday - 6th May - Canterbury Cathedral Lodge £18 full price £16 concs - come if you can and celebrate 45 years of Fairport Convention. Makes Show of Hands at 20 years look like mere beginners! Does anyone want to bake them a cake?- depends on the weather I suppose!

On the 18th / 19th May - a weekend I've been looking forward to for a long time (since they last came in 2010) The superb Amercian folk-pop-harmony band Girlyman are coming. Tickets have sold really well for all three events but we still have some available if you're interested.

Friday 18th May 8pm - 'An audience with - Girlyman - songs, chat, stories, laughter, tears etc. venue - The Black Robin Inn, Kingston - tickets £15 in advance. A rare and special chance to share an intimate musical evening with Nate, Doris, Ty and JJ from Girlyman. 19 tickets left

Saturday 19th May 1.30pm - Harmony singing workshop - How do they achieve those super smooth sounds - your chance to find out and have a go - sing and have tea and cake with Girlyman - At the Kingston Barn Tickets £20 (or £15 if you're coming to both concerts too) 20 tickets left

Saturday 19th May 8pm - 'Supernova' Full concert in the Kingston Barn - showcasing songs from the newest cd 'Supernova'
Title track performed here Tickets £14 22 tickets left

Truly inspiring uplifting band with music that will make you melt and feel better in every way. They won't be back in the Uk for another couple of years so this is the only chance to see them for a while.

Chris and Kellie While
26th May - Chris & Kellie While - The Kingston Barn - Another fabulous evening of beautiful songs and singing from mother and daughter Chris and Kellie. their third visit - this always sells out and is heading that way again - so email soon if you want to come £13 in advance

Benji Kirkpatrick
Sunday 10th June - Benji Kirkpatrick - The Black Robin - Benji - member of Bellowhead, Seth Lakeman band - fab singer/musician in his own right. Hopefully a warm summery sunday evening - good food, wine, music, company - bliss! £11 in advance

Plea for Help...
Straight after the Chris and Kellie gig I'm being whipped into hospital to have my throat cut and half my thyroid gland removed! bah humbug! It'll mean I'm a bit sore and useless for a couple of weeks afterwards. I am trying to get everything tidy and sorted well in advance so I can take time out to rest and heal - You could really help me by booking tickets early - especially for the Benji Kirkpatrick concert on the 10th June which is only 11 days later. I should be mostly recovered by then, but if you could buy your tickets well before the hospital date (29th May) it would really help me hugely. I may not be able to speak for a week or so afterwards, so please avoid phoning as I won't be able to answer.

Putting these gigs on is great fun but very scary - as you never know if they're going to be a success - until the day. The ongoing regular support from some of you is heroic and very welcomed - and I'm very grateful - as are the artists because they love to be able to do what they do so brilliantly. Life would be a lot less colourful without this live music - I know that for sure. We're often left with 20-30 spare tickets - which doesn't seem much but in a small venue its those last 20-30 tickets that can make the difference between profit and no profit - once all the costs have been covered. So if I keep on trying to persuade you to come along, please bear with me - it's only so we can continue and hopefully reach our 10th anniversary next year. (Details of that celebration to follow)

Other news...

As mentioned in the last mailout - Folk in the Barn has been shortlisted for a Culture Award - woohoo! fame and recognition at last eh!

The Award Ceremony takes place on Thursday 21st June , 6.45pm at Augustine House, Rhodaus Town, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2YA Myself, Lynette and Mick will be there. I'd love to invite you all along as it's you that's helped make this such a success, but I can't afford to sadly. However it is open to everybody to attend - tickets are quite expensive so don't feel you have to, but if you'd like to come and support us we would love you to join us. You can book tickets through the Marlowe box office - £35 to include drinks reception and summer banquet or 01227 787 787

I think its seated at tables so mention you're a folk in the barner when (if) you book. Should be fun and interesting.

Dress code: Black tie or dress to impress

More other news....

Broadstairs Barndance club has an event on Saturday 2nd June with the Cock and Bull Band
Ring: 07751 816655 (answering machine on- 01843 601186) or email: jonathanmoxey_at_tiscali_dot_co_dot_uk for more details or to book tickets. £10 in advance

This coming weekend is the annual Sweeps Festival in Rochester - loads of fun and music and dancing with something for everyone. Headline act this year is Barbara Dixon. Luke is there as is Greg MacDonald and Gemma Gaynor See the Festival website for more info.

Right quick must hang some washing out before the weather changes

See you Sunday hopefully


Debs Earl

ps I often get emails saying I've left out this or that detail from the mailout - If you need an address or start time or ticket price - it should all be on the website. If it's not - please let me know and I'll sort it asap. Dont' forget you can book for all gigs online by card - up till the morning of the concert via wegotickets. Again the link for our page is on our website cheers Debs

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