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Subject: Pete Fyfe: The Fureys - 30 years on

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THE FUREYS & DAVEY ARTHUR - 30 Years On (Global Records GBCD001)


Blimey, a whole 30 seconds of clapping for this celebration of the Furey's 30th year together and that was before the band even took to the stage for their opening number Ralph McTell's "Clare To Here". In many ways, George and Eddie Furey with long time associate Davey Arthur and the additional skills of Dominic Leech (piano accordion) and Luke Crowley (bass & whistles) epitomise everything the Irish and St Patrick's Day stands for?rivers of Guinness and a roaring good time! Religion and politics always did play second fiddle alongside a hearty downing of the black stuff and subtlety, it has to be said never was the band's strongpoint where they are known in some circles as the fast and fureyous brothers but let's face it, when you get a lively audience ?up for the craic' and the odd bum note who gives a jot? That's obviously what the audience were enjoying at Vicar Street, Dublin and much like the sadly lamented National Club in Kilburn they were here to push the boat out. Talking of which, "The Lonesome Boatman" and other major International triumphs such as 1981's "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" which was originally a hit for Al Jolson and the very Dutch sounding "Red Rose Caf?" written by Pierre Kartner (Father Abraham of The Smurfs fame) with it's beer glass clinking waltz style sing-along always guaranteed to bring a smile to the most jaded audience. A great time was had by all as can be witnessed on the Justin Nelson directed separately available DVD of the concert and worth purchasing if only for the feel-good banter and, at times jaw-dropping explosion of digital dexterity. With over two hours performance time on this 2-CD set there is bound to be something for everyone and a must have souvenir for fans of the band everywhere.