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THE ORIGINAL BUSHWACKERS & BULLOCKIES BUSH BAND - The Shearer's Dream (Storytellers Guide)


There was a time?the early 1970's?when the world could be counted as priggish in its approach to British ?folk' music. That was until it was taken by the scruff of the neck and unceremoniously given a good whipping by a bunch of lads that appeared to be the Australian equivalent of the Murfia. This band; The Original Bushwackers & Bullockies Bush Band were also the most entertaining and energising I have ever experienced. No time to wonder about ?niceties', they were to take the UK by storm and give a good kicking to the folk-rock scene of the time. You only have to put on track one "South Australia" to hear the raw energy that emanated from the disk that made you want to slug back a tin of Fosters and party like there was no tomorrow. And those of us lucky enough to get to know them did. But it wasn't just the songs it was Jan Wositzky's and Mick Slocum's tall-tales including "The Swagless Swaggie" that made them all-round entertainers. As if that wasn't enough they were also damn fine instrumentalists (fiddle, banjo, guitar, accordion etc) who knew the value of a good tune to boost the audience listening pleasure. Noticeable for the inclusion of Dobe Newton's ?lagerphone' they certainly knew (as Ant & Dec would have it) how to rumble and just the thought of it makes me want to break out the old mandolin. If you really want a good time then here's your starter for ten and, by the way thanks to Jan the whole of the Bushwackers early history is captured magnificently in the handsomely packaged 24 page booklet. A must buy on CD and download for any self-respecting folk-rock enthusiast.