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Subject: Girlyman - tour of Kingston starts tomorrow

Welcome to all our new signees, including my good friend Steph who has only taken nine years to get round to joining. I'm hoping she'll actually come to a gig one day! I'm having trouble persuading her that folk music is cool but we're getting there. This will either help or she'll never speak to me again!!

Now I've got my funky laptop it's great - I'm sitting here in my window looking out at sheep and magpies and a couple of daft pheasants, hoping there's no drama out there today. Last week whilst working - I had to leap over the fence and heave a silly old ewe to her feet who'd got stuck on her back with four feet sticking up in the air. I thought she was dead at first because she wasn't moving, despite her thirsty lambs trying to nudge her into action, but one quick shove and away she ran - looking very sheepish! (sorry - that was worse than a Ric Sanders joke!)

Thanks all who came to Fairport at the Cathedral Lodge - what a superb evening, there was such warmth and friendship in the auditorium flowing both ways I think. I know the chaps loved it, they wrote to say thanks so hopefully we'll do it all again for their 46th year! I'll let you know. I'd like to say get well soon to Fairport fan Ron Woolven, who missed the concert due to ill health. We wish you all the best for a full and speedy recovery Ron.

Two local music loving chaps - Keith and Pat - host an excellent folk show - The Wood and the Wire on AHBS community radio 107.1fm. They were both at the Fairport concert and have recorded a review of the show and an interview with Peggy. You can catch up with the podcast here . There's some other great music too from the likes of Martin Simpson and the New Albion Band, worth having a listen.

Some pics of the concert are now up in the Facebook gallery - thanks to Harriet!

Girlyman news!
Well the band flew in to Heathrow from the States on Monday - and came and had cup of tea with me on Tuesday as we're now best friends! (but actually it was to collect a monitor very kindly lent by the Acoustic Architects for the duration of the tour. Hope they do the same for the Acoustic Architects when they tour the States!) My daughter came home from her second day of GCSE's to find JJ and Doris sitting at our kitchen table drinking tea, at the exact same moment they came on her ipod! Very surreal! Doris is fully recovered from her leukemia now - thankfully and they are all looking forward to this weekend.

Those of you coming on Friday night to the Black Robin, I hope you are preparing some good questions for the band, they are looking forward to hearing them, so starting thinking now, make them really challenging - like what's your favourite cake!

Saturday night had sold out but we now have a pair of tickets available due to poor Alison being rushed into hospital at the weekend and now unable to come. The same poor Alison missed them last time two years ago due to another mishap, she's going to dread them coming again! Get well soon Alison and don't give up on Girlyman! There is also one other pair come available so if four of you want to come along - grab the chance quickly - I'm sure they'll go. We still have five spare tickets for Friday night (tomorrow) if you are interested or know anyone that might be. Plus there's still room on the workshop Saturday afternoon if you fancy something completely different and loads of fun. There will be no pressure to join in or perform if you don't want to, its open to all, just to observe and learn if you'd prefer. I'm sure there'll be plenty of others willing (desperate) to have a go - like Dave!
Friday 18th - Black Robin - Up Close with Girlyman - sort of like an audience with Dame Edna but without Dame Edna! There will still be plenty of songs performed as usual so don't be put off, its a gig but with a bit extra! Tickets £15 (£16 on the door) just 5 tickets left. Come early and have a meal in the restaurant, I can recommend it.

Saturday 19th - Doors 1.15pm starts 1.30pm - Singing Harmony Workshop in the Kingston Barn with Doris Nate Ty and JJ from Girlyman £20 including refreshments. 10 places left

Saturday 19th Doors 7.15pm for 8pm start - Super Nova tour concert - Kingston Barn £14 (£15 on the door) 4 tickets available.

Here's a reminder from last time..
It's going to be amazing.

Chris & Kellie While

I'm a bit worried that all the attention on Girlyman coming this weekend might have overshadowed the equally fabulous concert we have happening the following weekend. On Saturday 26th May - the awesome mother and daughter duo of Chris and Kellie While are back in the Barn after selling out on the last two occasions. Tickets for this are the same price as last year at just £13 in advance. Its a very special show. Simply two of the best female voices you will ever hear singing the most beautiful songs with harmonies so perfect they actually make you melt - so be warned and wear something absorbant. Plenty of tickets left at the moment, only half have gone - so please let me know if you want to reserve some. There's still plenty of time to get the advance booking price.

watch this and prepare to dissolve...

and if you're still inert - try this...

I feel better already just thinking about it.

Saturday 26th May doors 7.15pm - Kingston Barn £13 (£14 on the door)

Benji Kirkpatrick

...then of course we have Benji at the Black Robin on the 10th June.
Plenty of availability at the moment for Benji Kirkpatrick - of Bellowhead and the Seth Lakeman band fame.
Benji is great - I saw him solo at Whitstable folk club a few years ago and he's a stunning live performer, much in the same vein as Seth, great playing, strong rythmns and a good voice. Did I mention young and good-looking as well? Not that that's important! It's at the earlier time of 6.30pm start to enable a reasonable Sunday night bedtime. Please book as early as possible for this one as that week is going to be tricky for me whilst recovering from my op. Here's Benji with some awesome banjo...
and something more traditional

The website is currently being updated with some of the Autumn dates so keep an eye on that and make a note of anything you fancy.

Thanks for your support
See you soon


Debs Earl

ps get well soon our Bob from the Acoustic Architects - his holiday was supposed to be in Devon not Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Been an eventful week for our folkinthebarners so take extra care everyone!

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