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Subject: Pete Fyfe: James J Turner - How Could We Be Wrong review & sleeve

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JAMES J TURNER - How Could We Be Wrong (Touch The Moon Records TTM01CD)


Thrash, bang, wallop?ah where would the ?folk' world be without a bit of Pogues inspired energy? There's no standing around on ceremony for Turner, no, he just gets stuck in with the clich? driven but none the less refreshing sounds of punk-folk utilising the services of Etienne Girard (bass), Paul Walsham (drums & percussion), Mark Knight (violin), Vicky Mutch (cello) and Henry Priestman (accordion). My word, on the track "Forever No More" he even has a bash at the whistle the like of which I haven't heard since the days of Tony Davis using the same instrument in The Spinners. Perhaps ironically, where he comes into his own is on the cleanly picked guitar and cello led "Walk The Bridge" where, for a change, the subtlety of the piece is striking making you wonder why he doesn't do more of this stuff? There's no lacking in confidence in his tremendous, strident vocals unlike those displayed on ?reality' shows such as ?The Voice' where it's also obvious that his years of experience are displayed like a badge of honour. If you like your ?folk' music with a bit of oomph but also performed with integrity you could do worse than give this engaging piece of work a spin.