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Fiddle Hangout Email News, #28

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+ Luthier Directory Launched
+ Win a Fiddle Outfit!
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Click to enlargeHi Everyone! We've got a new fiddle giveaway that just started, plus I'm excited to announce the launch of our new Luthier Directory--finally, a place to go to find someone who can fix a fiddle!

Festival season is upon us--I hope you all find time to get out there and play!

~ Eric Schlange, Fiddle Hangout Webmaster

Luthier Directory Launched

We just took our Luthier Search live. It's very similar to the Teacher Search, except of course it's for people who built, set up, and repair fiddles, instead of teaching others how to play them!

If you're a luthier, please create a free listing in the new database. Enjoy!

Visit the Luthier Directory >

Win a Fiddle Outfit!

Enter the DrawingEnter to win a complete Richard Bunnel fiddle outfit! The violin is entirely handmade, with an oil finish. Made from tight-grained spruce from the Himalayas, it features a custom-fit, high grade maple bridge, ebony pegs, fingerboard, and fittings, inlaid purfling, and wound steel strings (Preludes).

The outfit a brazilwood bow with real horsehair, featherweight case made from high density foam, rosin, and a set of back-up strings.

Professional set-up by an expert luthier included!

Enter the Drawing >

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Congratulations to lucky winner Gerry Stinnett of Sunnyside, WA, winner of a 3-month lesson subscription at, home of Kimberley Frasier!


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